She Enjoyed It And He Was Surprised

Like many of you, I had this fantasy about seeing my wife with another man. We are in our 50's but look fit and m wife has a nice slim body and great 36 breasts. One feature about her is that she can have powerful and loud *******. She has always told me that she likes tall men. She was virgin when we married and has never being with another man. In a sense, she is still virgin... She is jealous and very straight and has never entertained the idea of letting naother man make love to her, even though she has mentioned ot me that her fantasy was to make love to two men at the same time.

Her fantasy came true most unexpectedly one day while we were staying in a hotel in Houston. We went to the hotel bar for some drinks and dancing and while there, we met a gentleman who was also staying at the hotel. He was tall guy, maybe 6.2 and very friendly. He had dark skin, but was not totally black. We chatted for a while and had a few drinks togeher. He danced a coupe of times with my wife and I could notice that she felt comfortable with him. It was time to go to bed and we said good night and promissed to meet the next night for a few more drinks as we were staying in the hotel for 3 more days. That night we made loved passionately and afterwards I asked my wife about our new acquaintnace, she said that she liked him. I took the courage to ask her if she would like for him to be the guy to fulfill her 3-some fantasy and she said that she would think about it.

The following night, we went to the bar again and meet our new friend as agreed. We ordered drinks and we both dnaced with my wife. One moment we were along, I asked my wife what she tought and she said lets go for it. After another drink, we told our firend that we were heading back to our room and asked him to come over for a night cap.He gladly accepted. When we were in our room, my wife went to the bathroom to change clothes and came back wearing a sexy long shirt she uses for sleeping. I noticed that our friend (lets call him Jim) was excited to see her in such an intimate dress. Jim was probably in his early 40's and had an athletic body. I turned on some soft music and asked my wife to dance, we did it and next I asked her if she wanted to dance with Jim and they did. Jim was holding her very tight and I ould already see the bulge growing in his pant.

I asked Jim to get comfortable and in a moment that my wife went to freshenup herself, I told Jim about our plans and about my wife fantasy and that this was a first time for her. I told him that he would have to take the initiative if he wanted to make love to her as she was actually shy. When she came out of the bathroom, Jim went dancing with her and started to caress her hair and placed some soft kisses in her neck. I saw the immediate arousal in my wife. She galnced at me and I nodded my approval. He took her to bed and they started kissing each passionately. My wife ws on fire while I remained seated in a couch as I did not want to spoil her night and her long-awaited fantasy.

Jim started undressing himself and had only her briefs on, when my want took her long shirt out and laid completely naked in bed. I coud see that Jim was so atracted by her sexy look that he went on top of her and continued kissing her. He slowly went down to her breasts and started kissing and scuking them and I could see how excited my wife had become. He went down and started kissing her private parts and in doing so became the first man ever to touch my wife besides me. He stayed eating her juicy ***** for at least 10 minutes and during this time she came at least twice.

Nex, my wife removed Jim's brief and was in shock when she saw the size of his tool. He was at least 11 inches long and at leas 4 inches around. I have never seen such a big ****. My wife was completely fixated in his **** and started to kiss it and even tried to get it her mouth but it was too thick an she coudl barely hold the head. They were both so excited that moved to make love.

The penetration was a slow one and JIm really knew how to handle her. He was slowly and patiently inserting the big **** into her. He took a long time just to get the head in and started moving it around her ***** the get it stretched and ready for what was ging to come next. He continued the slow pace and when he was just a quarter in, my wife had the first big and loud ******. Jim took advantage and proceeded to insert it all at once, she cried in pleasure and stayed in that first ****** in a long plateau. He started now pumping her more vigorously and my wife kept coming. He really knew how to hold himself and it was probably until my wife's 5th ****** that he came inside her with a long cry and I coudl see he has a lot of juices and my wife was in ectasys. I was not moving out of my chair and I was enjoying her fantasy became a relaity.

After a few minutes, the started kissing again and he got another huge erection. Tey started making love again, this time he put her in different positions, and she really enjoyed being on top and also when they did it doggy style. When she was on top, I noticed that Jim began caressing her *** and inserting his long and thick middle finger inside her ***. My wife loved it and she had perhaps her biggest ****** of the night.

Once they recovered from the second round, they continued kissing with passion and Jim had a nother big hardon. This time he asked my wife if she was ready for annal intercourse and to my surprise she said yes. I was so surprised because she never let me have annal intercourse with her. So, it was true, Jim was going to **** her virgin ***. He kissed her in the *** for a while to get her lubricated and began inserting his big manhood in my wife virgin *******. Again, he started slowly, but soon had my wife on fire and was able to get it the base. My wife was screaming with pleasure and comming like I have never seen her before. He continued pounding her for what looked lke an eternity, and finally came inside her beautiful ***.

That night, before leaving, they made love one more time until my wife was exhausted. We said goodby, I thanked him for the great momements and pelasure he brought to my wife and for making her fantasy an really fantastic first experience. He gave me his phone number and I promissed to stay in touch and call next time we were visiting Houston.

After he left, I embraced my wife and she thanked me for allowing her to have such a wonderful experience. She told me how much she enjoyed being with a moan with such a large and thick **** and that it was really fantastic for her. Se made me promisse that next time we visited houston, we had to invite Jim for another night of passion like that one. That is another story I will tell on anothe raccasion.

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Lol, I always laugh when they write “it had to be atleast 11 inches” Also someone needs to learn how to measure girth. A 4 inch girth is a pencil ****.

My wife has sex with other men on a daily basis. I know that there are some men who are just amazing, sexually, and make my wife just go off with them. As my wife states, "sometimes you get McDonalds and sometimes you get prime steak and lobster." We have had countless sex sessions with other men occur in our bed. She and I loved them all.<br />
<br />
My wife likes men who stay hard for hours, but she also likes men who *** and go in less than 20 minutes. My wife likes variety in men and sex. She has had extremely well endowed black men as well as very well endowed white and Mexican men. In the years that we have been married and the men my wife had before she and I met a majority of the black men have been very well hung, many above 10 inches. We have found the average size for white men to be between 6-9 inches. That is a wide range. Black men have averaged between 8-13 inches.Also a wide range.<br />
<br />
Our friends husband who my wife has sex with every night is white and is almost 11 inches and very thick. His sons are nearly as big as he is, one of them is thicker than he is. And my wife loves having all three of them. She likes that they normally *** within 20 to 30 minutes. My wife also has a black lover she sees about three times a week who is about the same size as our friend's husband, but he stays hard for hours. She also loves sex with him, but wishes he came more often and didn't take so long to ***.<br />
<br />
My wife has had gang bangs with white men and she has had gang bangs with all black men. She has liked them all. We have found that when you have several men at once that no matter their race the men are usually more aggressive. This kind of blurs the race line. There are those men, both black and white who are just aggressive in bed, and my wife likes that, but she also has lovers who make love to her slowly and tenderly. And she loves sex with them as well. <br />
<br />
The fact of the mater is that when you involve others in your sex life you can have some amazing experiences that most people can not/will not believe. I still find it hard to believe some of the things we have done, and I was there and witnessed it. Most men fantasize what a few men get to experience. In our case we have helped countless men experience things that they never thought they would or could experience. Many of the men we have had over for gang bangs said we were their first gang bang experience. Do not judge too quickly what you may think is a fallacy. What some men will only fantasize about other men are living.

thank-you so very much. i would also love to meet a man like this for my first time as well. my hubby is not very supportive but i think i really need this. thank-you and your story is so very well written. wilma

To hell with those who claim its not true and so WTF! It was a dam good story and I believe its true!

It was still a good story

ease up people the guy has a right to his story its cool he shared his wife with a black guy and she enjoyed it. I bet he did as well he just told her part of it.

The people that don't believe this story do believe in Father Christmas and that the globe is flat,so I used my imagination to fill in the yummy bits,that's what stories are all about isn't it?<br />
<br />
I got a hard on.

This story is so fake.Ive been doing mfm with my wife for years.The experoience is for all of you.You dont mentiuon being hard,stroking,joining in later.And the multiple org---s that he had..PLEASE!!..get realistic and write about something you actually know about or have actually experienced you moron

maybe the story is a bit embelished.The usuall 11" **** and multiple ******* etc.Why didnt you enjoy your wife also or afterward?You dont even mention being hard and ************ while watching.My wife and I have done this alot and it is a shared thing.mfm is for the couple as well as the extra male

******* bullshit. go write a book you dumb ***. this is the biggest bullshit i ever read!!!! beter yet go get a **** inlargement because you have **** roblems with your size so you think up fantacys.