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--got this story in my mail :
We are both 42 years and I never got my wife into swinging or going to a club or somethingmore then the usual sex. Last holiday we drove past a nude beach and decided to pass some time on it. My wife is about 5.8, 170 pouds, nice big firm breast and she also has very large pussylips with her **** sticking out between. a real turn on for me. We ot undressed and did some walking sunning reading; you know the usual. I tookof for a dive and when I came back there was a black guy sitting in his knees just in front of here having a coversation. He had a huge and very thick ****. Now, my wife gets vry horny when I talk to her about large and big **** and guys ******* off and squirting, when we have sex. This guy's **** was semi hard and just sticking out horizontal. I just sat next to my wife and listened to their conversation. I saw her glancing at his ****. She gets wet very easily and I was convinced that her ***** was dripping wet. Now that i could hear the conversation I heard that it was about sex and was amazed that she readily responded. She had just told him that she never had sex with another man. He told her that he never had been with a white woman. In the mean time she had opened up her legs quite a bit and was showing of her erect **** and , like I expected , her very wet and glinstering *****. Her nipples wer also sticking out quite hard. It didn't take him long to get a real hard one. He told my wife that he could control his body so much that he could ceep on ******* without ******* or that he could come without touching his ****. He had advanced a bit and in fact was almost sitting between her legs. Kirsten was now laying down with her clothes under her head and had opend up her legs completely. He still sitting in his knees; Kirsten said she didn't believed him. He asked her to play with her **** and ***** and it wouldn't take him more then 5 minutes to ***. And there she went . NOw her juices were really flowing. In these five minutes she came twice. And believe me or not he shot a huge load all over her. First over her **** then on her belly and the third he took his **** in his hand and aimed for her ***** which he hit dead center. She has shaven ***** lips but kept most of her bush above it. It was soaked in his ***. I think he shot off at least 7 or 8 times what I shoot. Then she stood up and asked me to come along. She didn't wipe off the *** nor her wetness between her legs. His and her. We walked over tyhe beach towards the hotel (about 100 yeards) and had to pass infront of all the people. She didn't mind and was still touching her *****. Once at the hotel she took me into the mensroom, went to sit on the sink and said 'now **** me'. Which I happily did. After about 30 seconds I pulled her down and turned her around (sink to high) and started to **** her doggywise. Within a minute we had anaudience of about 6 guys. And she didn't give a damn. I was really surprised. Allthe guys were jerkingoff, touching her breast and one had his arm around and playing with her ****. It didn't take me too long to fill her up. When I pulled out I got immediately replaced by the black guy who had followed us. Now it got really hot. He could barely get into her and it took at least 5 minutes before he got himself worked completely in. My *** and hers were now dripping on the floor. To keep the story short; He gave her the ******* of her life. It was so hard that she could barely walk the next days. I could feel that she was strechted out. I had to carry her back to the car and she didn't want to wash it of in the mensroom, so everybody on the beach could see what had happened. When I mention to her now what had happened then she is all over me. We **** three times as much as before and she wants me to find a well hung guy to join in once in a time.

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It is exciting to see your wife turn a stranger on.

Just love your story thanks !

wow,hot story!

so, have you repeated yet?

Great Story. Got an instant hard on. I can't wait for my wife to try this. Thanks for sharing.