My Wish For My Hot Wife

You can check out a story about my wife's dreams but this was my first dream I ever had about her and another man. When the dream started my wife lynn and I were traveling to Florida on vacation. We were staying at hotel in south beach close to where my nephew lives. He is married to a lovely black woman and when we told them we were coming down we thought it would be nice to go out to dinner. When he met us in the lobby of the hotel my nephew told us they had company with them, his brother in law Patrick. Patrick looked to be in his mid 30s about 6'4" dark skinned  and looked very toned muscular since he was wearing board shorts and a tank top. As we were all introduced Patrick shook our hands and looked at my wife and said to my nephew man you never told me you had such a beautiful aunt. My wife Lynn smiled and said she was very flattered. we decided to have a drink poolside. My nephew and I were catching up on how the families were doing. We were the only ones talking and when I looked over at Patrick I kept noticing him staring at my wife. I know she's stunning in her sun dress, flowing blond hair and blue eyes but he was making it obvious. One time I looked over at her and she was looking back at Him and quickly looked away when she noticed me

We left the hotel and walked to this hip  restaurant for dinner. on the way the subject changed and we were all interacting and joking around. When we got to the resturant they sat us at a round table I was on one side of Lynn and Patrick on the other. The conversation switched to politics as it normally does with my nephew and his wife. I could tell Lynn was bored and struck up a conversation with Patrick on her own Because of the way the table was set she was actually closer to him than me. They were hitting off real well and they kept laughing sometimes thru the corner of my eye I could see her arm touch his shoulder as they laughed together. 

Soon dinner came and we were all talking amongst ourselves and enjoying the wine we were drinking. Lynn leaned over to say her elbows were feeling numb which usually happens when she drinks and is also her signal to me she is horny. As I was eating I dropped my napkin on the floor as I reached to pick it up I noticed my wife took her sandals off and when I looked for her feet i could see Her legs were crossed and her free foot was rubbing the back of Patrick's calf. My heart started pounding immediately. I quickly sat all the way  upright. I glanced over at Patrick and noticed his hands were under the table as I turned And looked down I could see his black hand touching her thigh on top of the white summer dress she was wearing. This view made me hard immediately. Soon dinner was over and we all started to say good by. Lynn gave Patrick a hug and said how much she enjoyed meeting him she normally hugs guys on the side but she gave him a full hug and I could see her breasts press up against his body. Her dress was a halter top and I knew she wasn't wearing a bra so he definately got a good feel. as they separated their hands embraced and she said something softly to him. We  finished our good byes and started walking back to the hotel. 

On the way I said you really seemed to get along well with Patrick. She said she really liked him. And talking with him just made her feel younger. I said I noticed her leg touching his and she said she thought at first it was just the leg of the table but then realizd it was him. He didn't seem to mind. she went on to say that after a couple mins he touched her leg and she said it was like a shock went thru her body. She wanted to move his hand off at first but found she liked it. She said he  rubbed his hand against her thigh and at on point touched her crotch. She said she almost came when he did that and she was so wet right now that I was really gonna have a good time when we got to the hotel.

As soon as we got in the hotel room she ******** out of her dress and she ws completely nude. She hadn't been wearing panties either. She said she took them off when she went to the bathroom at the resturant. She wanted to feel Patrick's **** against her ***** when she hugged him. She said she kept seeing his crack when he was sitting and knew he wasnt wearing underwear with the board shorts. Some times she could make out the outline of the head of his **** and could tell he was really big. When they hugged he pressed his **** against her and she got so hot feeling the head rub against her pubic area. All of this really shocked me cause she never talks like this. She laid down on the foot of the bed and said get over hear and lick my hot *****. I complied but again was Amazed cause this was so out of character. 

I started licking like never before I could feel her body twitch as my tongue probed her beautiful ****. She lifted her legs up and rocked back so I would start licking her ***. I love the taste of her *** and began fingering her ***** as I licked and she started moaning. I was really getting into this and really felt like I was in my own world. In her moans I thought I heard her say yes Patrick I kind of slowed down a bit so I could hear better she kept moaning and heard her say again oh Patrick I thought she was maybe fantacizing about him while I was going down on her, suddenly I felt a movement on the bed  I looked up and damn he was in our room and he was leaning over to kiss her. I learned later that she slipped the room key into his hand and whispered the room number as they hugged. He saw me stop and he said keep goin bro. I was obedient. He got on his side and Lynn reached up to pull his head close to her and Started kissing him passionately. This was making me so hard. Lnn shifted to her side to face him and this gave me a great view while I kept sucking

I watched as one of her hands was rubbing his **** through his shorts. He had already taken his shirt off and her other hand was caressing his chest. All this while their lips were were clenched and their tongues probing each other mouth. I could tell he was getting hard thru his shorts. He started pushing his shorts down and revealed his massive ****. Once they were off lynn didn't miss a beat and grabbed it with her left hand. He wasnt even all the way hard yet and and her tiny hand couldn't fit all the way around it. Seeing her hand with her wedding ring and the huge diamond stroking Patrick's **** was just making my heart pound. With my wife on her side made it really hard for me to lick her *****. She took one of her legs and pushed me to the side. As she did this she pulled Patrick on top of herself. They continued to kiss as he rubbed his fingers through her hair. She had her hands on his back this was such an amazing sight I just stroked my throbbing **** as they lay there together

As I watched him slowly move his hips back and forth I could tell his **** was just rubbing against the mound of her *****. Her face had moved to the side and I could hear her whisper I like how that feels. You seem so big. I'm worried I can't take all of you. He said not to worry I'll go slow and watch out for you. Lynn signaled for me to sit next to her. She leaned over and kissed me and said are you sure you're ok with this? I've never had a big **** like this inside me I want to try. I shook my head and said I want to hear you *** like never before. She rubbed the side of my face. While we were doing this Patrick had slid up close to her face his **** was throbbing. It must have been at least 10 inches and looked about as thick as a coke bottle. My wife closed her eyes and began stroking it. He said go on and lick it sweetie. I thought uh oh this may be a deal breaker she doesn't like putting her mouth on a ****.  in our 20 years of marriage she only suck mine once, but holy **** she put her lips right up to it. As she did his **** covered her entire mouth her tongue started licking it and it took all she could do to get her lips around his head. I couldn't believe my eyes. She quickly stopped though and   Leaned over and kissed me but right away Patrick moved back down on the bed and began to spread her legs. 

He said to me I hope you got her good and wet. Lynn shook her head. I could hear her breaths in anticipation of what was to come. She shifted her hips so she was spread wide open for him. At this point i realized he wasnt wearing a condom. I thought again whats going on she always makes me put one on and we're married. I guess she didnt want to interupt the moment. He held his **** in one hand while on his knees and used the head of his penis to spread her lips a little and while doing that he slid the head in. She was looking at me when he did that and her eyes just opened wide and I could hear her almost gasp. He just stayed there for minute and adjusted his position so he was laying flat. He said damn your ***** is so tight. Once there he started to push more of him inside her an inch at a time. He was only about halfway in and started to slowly move his hips back and forth only going about half way still. Lynns breathing kept getting harder very soon she had her first ****** as she kissed me again. Patrick stopped moving and asked if she was ok. She said oh yea. With that she actually grabbed his butt with both hands and said I want all of  you NOW! She pulled him all the way into her and let out a scream. He took that as his cue and started to thrust in and out of her. Her breathing became so hard. I'd never heard anything like this. She said you are so deep in her breaths. Patrick started moving faster. With each thrust the entire shaft went just about all the way inside her and then back out. Lynn pulled him close and reached up to kiss him again while his massive **** was going all the way in and out . When they stopped kissing I heard Lynn say oh my god oh my god oh my god over and over each one getting louder until her whole body convulsed.  Patrick stopped when that happened with his fat **** inside her until she stopped shaking. He said man I could feel your ***** tightening on my **** while u did that.

They lay there for a minute and she said I want to feel you *** inside me. Now i knew why she didnt want him to use a condom. Patrick started out slow he leaned into kiss her and then put his head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arm around his head and neck while he was pumping harder and harder. she started ******* again and said over and over i love you i love you i love you, and when he heard that I could hear him start to *** she held him tight and said let it go darling I want to feel your hot *** inside me. He exploded for what seemed like a minute. They both lay there for a minute and he slowly pulled out of her. Her lips were so swollen and pink. His **** was covered with *** and a small amount started to ooze out from her stretched ****. As I watched this I had this urge to lick her *****. Patrick noticed my intrigue and said have add it buddy. I began to eat lick my first ********. I'd never tasted a mans *** before but I imagined it must taste so much better mixed with my beautiful wife's ***** juices. Shortly after Patrick cleaned himself up and my wife got up and hugged and kissed him good bye.

As we layed in bed Lynn stroked my **** until I came. She thanked me for allowing her to experience that and said that she never knew sex could be that good. 
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