Ebony And Ivory

One day i would like to see my wife with a black man. She told me once that one thing she regretted was not experimenting more with black men.

theres somthing sexy about a white woman making love to a black man. i want to watch my wife take a big blac **** and ride it until it spewed his seed deep inside of her.

they say once you go black you dont go back ... well thats a chance im willing to take
willinghubby69 willinghubby69
22-25, M
2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I came home from work one Friday evening to find 3 very healthy black men screwing my lovely 3rd generation German wife silly and she was taking all three of them at the same time and to beat all, they were ******* her bareback! That little party of hers lasted until after sunrise Saturday morning, non-stop!

thats awesome ! bare back is the only way

It is very sexy to watch a black man enter a white girl. All the more if its your wife. Good luck