Our 1st Bbc Experience Part 1

Recently I had to return home from work because I left some documents I needed for a meeting later that day. It was about 8 am and I was surprised to see a car in my driveway. My wife runs a small business out of the home but she never makes appointments this early. I thought this is strange, but maybe she was helping one of her clients out who was in a pinch. I entered the house through the garage.

As I opened the door I could hear a male voice coming from the family room. Now I knew this was out of character for her. She was not in her work space and rarely takes her clients into that part of the house. Just as I was about to say hello I could heard the guy say you have such a fine ***. I thought what the hell is going on here. She has always been flirtatious with guys especially younger ones, but she has always said she's not the type of girl who fools around and just likes to make guys nervous. But she's also told me about some of her fantasies so I decided to walk quietly and see what I can observe here

As I made my way around the corner I peered into the family room. I could see that the back of a muscular lighter skinned young black guy standing over by our couch. I couldnt see my wife but could hear her breathing heavily and then heard her say come a little closer.I was starting to shake in my pants but I didn't want to interrupt anything so I moved just slightly out of site from where i was standing in the kitchen. As I did that I felt my **** getting hard in my pants. I heard the young man say ok Mrs B. right then I knew who it was. This was my wife's. dear friend Jamie's son named Joseph. Joseph was in the military and had just come home on leave for Christmas. Jaimie was white but her exhusband and father of her children was black. We had just seen Joseph Saturday nite at a Christmas party for the first time in couple years. I remember at one point they were talking together but thought nothing of it. While away he had really grown up and turned into a handsome young black man.

I could hear Joseph get on the couch I moved back to where I was in the kitchen so I could see into the family room. as I did I saw him laying ontop of my wife. He was still wearing a pair of gym shorts on and it looked as though all she was wearing was the shear nighty she wore to bed the night before. She had put it on in front of me last night. it made me so hot when she did cause i could see her breasts and nipples as well as her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. I tried to make my move on her but she said she was too tired so I let her go to sleep. Now I knew why she did

I could see her hands rubbing his back and I heard her say just rub me right there. He rolled on his side next to her and she said I like to be be touched there she took his hand and placed it on her ***** At that moment I could hear him start to kiss her. I couldn't see their heads so I peered in closer and could tell their lips were clenched tightly together and imagined his tongue was probing inside her mouth. My heart really began to pound as I realized my 46 year old wife was about to **** our good friends 23 year old black son.

I think they kissed like this for 5 mins as he kept rubbing her ***** on top of the nighty. All of this was so shocking cause she never kissed me like this. I saw her hand start to rub his **** thru his shorts. She said I remember watching you when you came over to swim at our pool. I could see the putline of your **** thru thr shorts.And could tell when you were 15 that you had a big ****. You feel bigger now then what I could see back then. She quickly slid his shorts off. She looked down at his **** and gasped. He must have been almost 10 inches but he wasn't completely hard. Right then she looked towards the kitchen and winked at me. She knew I was there the whole time. I thought oh you little *****. But then I realized she also saw me stroking my **** which I had taken out of my pants.

She began stroking his **** as she shifted down on the couch. Her hand couldn't fit around his shaft. I thought she could hold two of my ***** and still easily get her hand all the way around my shaft. She started to put her lips on the head of his penis. He let out a sigh. It looked like jus the head completely filled her mouth as he began to stiffin. As a trooper she tried to suck more of it but I'd hear her gag as she did. Soon she began to lick it while she stroked his now glistening member. He reached down and kissed her. As her moved on top of her again. He was about to go down on her and she stopped him and said I want to feel you while my ***** is only wet from me first. She lifted one of her legs onto the back of the couch and he situated himself between her legs when he did he turned and saw me and said come in here mr B you probably want a better view but you have to ***** naked too. I did what I was told as I wondered if this was arranged for me to see all along.

She told Joseph to rub his **** against her ***** lips. He did this as moved his hips back in forth she moaned as he kissed her neck. She said to him you will need to go easy I know you are going to stretch me. He said Mrs B I forgot to bring a magnum she didn't know what he was talking about I said I can get you one of my condoms and he said the little mother ******* will break. I heard her say no baby I want to feel him natural. I wasn't too worried cause she hadn't had a period for 3 months. Joseph leaned back on his knees and grabbed his giant **** and got it ready to enter her. He looked at me and said she's gonna *** like never before mr B. with that he put the head just inside her lips. It almost took her breath away as he did. She said ah I've dreamt of this moment so many times. Give me more baby. He had to push a little harder to just get all of the head in. As he did her breathing increased and he got barely an inch more inside her as her whole body quivered her breathing increased her eyes closed as she arched her back and came for the first time.

They layed there a minute but Joseph was getting a little impatient. He took both legs and lifted them above her head. I could now see how tightly her lips wer wrapped around his shaft. I didnt know how she wAs gonaa take any more of him inside her he began to push in deeper about half of what looked to be an 11 inch ****. I heard him say are you ready mrs B she said oh yea between breaths. He started to pump in and out with his hips. He was barely going past half way in though. Her breathing increased as he continued to move his fat **** in and out as they got into a good rhythm I heard her start to come again as she reached her climax she started saying oh my god oh my god oh my god over and over until she quivered again an then she pulled his **** out of her and grabbed her own *****. She layed there for a minute as she continued to rub her *****. She kissed him and got up grabbed his hand and started walking to our bedroom. She looked at me and said get our lube and put it on his **** and some on my *****. I grabbed the lube and put it on my hand. I lubed Joseph's **** and my wife's *****. I actually enjoyed both. When I finished she said thank you babe I really want to try and take all of his ****

With that she had Joseph lay on his back and she got on top of him. She had to squat on her feet so her ***** could reach his **** as it stood straight up. She used her hand to guide it in. She slowly bared down on this beautiful shaft. She made it about 3/4 of the way down as she started to ride it. As soon as she did that she seemed to have on long continuous ******. She did that for a few mins before she stopped to catch her breath. She reached over and kissed me and said thank you for understanding. His **** feels so good this deep inside me. She stroked my **** and I came in her hand in about 30 seconds. She rubbed some of my come on her **** all the while still on Joseph's **** she bared down even harder and slid her ***** ally the way down his shaft she let out a blood curdling scream. And just put her chest on Joseph's chest he said you ok mrs b do you wanna stop? She started breathing harder and said no baby I want you to **** me good now.

With that he started pumping his hips. His **** was completely disappeared inside her *****. He kept pumping in about 30 seconds she started coming again and said I love you I love you I love you over and over again. I want you to *** inside me *** baby *** with that he started to go faster. She kept moaning until he let out a big scream and started shooting his *** deep insider her *****. She said oh my ***** is so warm. And she collapsed on top of him. They lay there for a couple mins as he stroked her blonde hair. His **** still looked hard inside her. As they lay there in each others arms she would twitch with his **** still inside her.

I thought they were finished and then I heard her say. Are you gonna to suck his **** and get him hard so I can have my lover **** me again? To be continued....
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Very hot.

Holy crap! I loved this! Had to read using just one hand though! This is my ultimate fantasy!

well to each there own I could not watch my wife go behind my back and **** another
man.Marriage is about communication If she wanted to **** that young man she should have told her husband, not go behind his back. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.
sucks because when caught,most marriages end. Cause it hurts like hell.

Let us know if your wife has been black bred

I will for sure. I am not sure I want to raise any more kids, but I would be so turned on if I knew she was carrying her new black lovers baby

NIce story. Be great if he bred your wife black

We will know next month.

Wow. PLEASE continue!

Pt 2 is now posted

Great story.....