Our 1st Bbc Experience Part 2

I thought they were finished and then I heard her say. Are you gonna to suck his **** and get him hard so I can have my lover **** me again? I looked at her with a real puzzled look. She said I saw how you stroked his **** when you put the lube on it. You were really getting into it . Besides You can probably suck more of it than I did.

She was right I couldn't believe how good it Felt holding his **** and how it throbbed in my hands. Joseph layed on his back and I grabbed his **** in my hands. I wasn't sure how this was gonna go. His **** was covered with his *** and my wife's ***** juice. At first the smell was overwhelming but as I put it in my mouth the combination of the two was pleasant. I could see why she had a hard time sucking him I had to open my mouth completely wide open to get the head in my mouth. He was still half hard so I stroked him with my hand as l licked and sucked him. Meanwhile my wife started kissing him again while he fondled her ****. While he was doing that I could feel his **** getting harder in my mouth as I went up and down his shaft. I noticed how his **** got even fatter in the middle of the shaft and i couldnt get more than 3 or 4 inches jn my mouth. I couldn't believe how her tight ***** got past that point as well.

When he was good and hard he had me stop. My wife laid on her side and Joseph scooted in beside her as she lifted one leg to invite him in. When she did this I could see some of Joseph's *** still oozing. He started to guide his **** back in while she was caressing his face and kissing him. She sure liked kissing him a lot. watching his black hands and mouth. all over her body was such an exotic sight. This time she hardly flinched as the head of his **** penetrated her *****. She was so moist and stretched out already that he just kept pushing until all 11 inches disappeared inside her. I heard him whisper that her ***** still felt tight and that he was amazed she could take all of him. He said no other girl he'd been with could even come close to take all of him. She said to him she'd never felt anything like this in her ***** and loved making love to him.

He started to pump his hips again first slow and then faster and faster. Her whole body seem to move in motion with him. I stroked my now hard **** as I watched them. He had her get on all 4s and he began to enter her doggie style. She never likes it when I do this. But she seemed invigorated as he did this and moved her hips into him as he pounded her. I think she came 2 more times while they were like this. After the 2nd one he slowed back down. He started pulling all the way out and all the way in with each thrust. His cocked looked so long each time it came out. Her **** looked so stretched out when he pulled out. The lips were starting to look swollen and red. She didn't seem to mind and continued to breath hard. Her whole body was sweating. He moved her so her butt was hanging over the edge of the bed. He stood on the floor and entered her again. He began to pound her even harder than before. She screamed again and said Joseph you are ******* amazing fill my ***** again he went faster and I heard him moan as he shot his 2nd load inside her

He started to pull out of her and as he did I could see one big clump of his *** just inside her lips. I jumped in and decided I wanted to lick her BBC *** filled ****. As I did that clump. Ran down my tongue and down my throat. I got so turned on by this my **** stiffened. She realized what i was doung and She wiggled her hips and even more of his salty *** filled my mouth. I couldn't believe how much this excited me. Joseph was standing there watching me as I finished lapping this up. When finished He put his **** in my face and I began to lick him clean. I kept stroking my **** and I remembered ******* while his **** was in my mouth.

When we were all done Joseph asked if he could take a shower. I turned to my wife and said that was the most amazing sexual experience ive ever had. She shook her head in agreement. I asked how all this started and how she knew I was gonna come home? She said that she had talked to him at the Christmas party Saturday for more than hour. I said I remembered her talking to him I didn't realize it was that long. She said I was too busy drinking and hanging out with my friends. She said Joseph kept complimenting her when they were talking and saying that she looked younger and hotter than most girls his age. She said it made her feel very good inside hearing him say these things. She went on to remind me about a camping trip we took with Their family. I said yea, she said one of the days when the men's bathrooms were out of order that the boys had been using the showers in the ladies room. She went in there not realizing one of the boys was using the shower at that time. She just figured it was one of the ladies. She ******** naked to get in the shower. She remembered we were all going out on the boat later and would be in bathing suits so she figured she'd shave her legs by the sink before she got in. She noticed the other shower turned off but thought nothing of it and finished shaving her legs and pubic hairs around her bikini line. She said shaviving that area always turns her on so she fingered her ***** for a minute. She said she suddenly felt like she was being watched and turned back towards the shower that shut off and there was Joseph standing just to the side of the drawn shower curtain. She said he was standing their with a huge hard- on and he quickly pulled the shower curtain over himself and started saying I'm sorry mrs B I'm sorry mrs B please don't tell my mom she'll kill me. I said dang the kid was only about 13 when we took that trip, she said yep. She said she walked over and pulled the curtain back and said that's nothing to be sorry about pointing to his big ****. She figured he'd been standing there awhile so what difference did it make what he saw now. she asked him if he liked what he saw. He shook his head yes. She said that's a good thing and she grabbed his hand and put it on her *** and then moved it to the other
One and pulled it down across her ***** that she just shaved. Now you won't ever for get that and he smiled again. Then she said get your Towell and get outta here before anyone else shows up.

She said she reminded him of that day when they were talking. He said he fantasized about her for years after that. She said to him that she also fantacized about it and was happy he had now grown up to be a sexy man. she said that Mr B has this fantasy of watching her with a hung young man. So she went ahead and invited him over. She wanted to surprise me so she hid the papers that I needed at work that day so I would have to come home. I was amazed she went to that much planning for this.
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Mice story. Trying to set my wife up to take some big black ****.