Black On My Blonde

M y wife is a gorgeous strawberry blonde with porcelain white skin and lovely freckles all over her body, and the only fully blonde ***** I have ever seen. My greatest fantasy would be to watch a black man ******* her. The contrast of his black **** pumping her pink ***** would be mindblowing. She comes from a staunch British background, and I can't imagine she would ever go for it. But I think that makes it all the hotter. After he's done with her, I'd love to see his balls tighten up as he gives a final couple of thrusts into her and ********** his ***** deep into her womb. And, a year later, I would be entralled to watch her black baby nursing on her milky white breast.

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that's a hot fantasy

i'd love to see Parsifal **** any white woman he wants! with that amazing body, you deserve to **** anything you want anytime you want as often as you want!

I would love to **** her.

As I've already stated, I personally would love to have a black baby, and probably would if I were still in my thirties. <br />
But I have a very understanding husband who would welcome my decision, as would my two daughters, now young adults. So I'm kind of curious about how you and especially your wife would feel about this. How do each of you feel about it down really deep, even though the subject may never have been discussed previously. How would she like to be impregnated by a very attractive black alpha male stud at her most fertile time of the month, in the privacy of your own bedroom with you there to watch, conceiving a black baby that she would later breast feed and the two of you would raise together exactly as if he or she were your own child. It's not such a far out idea, and imagine the heights of pure passion and sexual arousal you both would soar to if she ever decided to actually do this.

Unless you are prepared for a baby, she should definitely <br />
go on the pill, but the less you try to control what happens<br />
the hotter it will be. When I had my first extramarital <br />
experience with a black guy, my husband made me promise to let myself go completely, and hold nothing back, doing anything I had ever done with him, and even things I had not allowed him to do, like having anal sex with me.<br />
Sure enough, eventually my lover wanted just that, to<br />
force his extra large erection into my rectum and **** me<br />
anally. To my surprise, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought<br />
it would be, and once his **** got well seated inside me, it no longer hurt but felt kind strangely pleasurable. I actually enjoyed getting ****** that way, and loved seeing my husband so hot he was ************ while watching us. Finally the guy shot his load up my ***, and my husband shot his all over the rug next to the bed.

You express the whole idea so beautifully I can't really add <br />
much except that I know from my own experience that it will be an extremely exciting and pleasurable experience for both<br />
of you, especially her having his baby. I haven't had the pleasure of having a black baby but if I were ten years younger I definitely would.

Sorry I ruined the fantasy because your thoughts were so<br />
beautifully expressed in your first comment. I find myself<br />
getting wet just reading your description of the things that <br />
you'd love to see.

And of course seeing that cute 12 pound black baby boy <br />
with a big uncircumsized penis like his father's, nursing on his mother's snow white breasts now swollen with milk. His dad will want to come and see his son frequently, even though legally you're the father. He'll stay with you for several nights each time he comes to visit and you'll move into the guest bedroom so he can have your pretty wife all to himself, ******* her married white ***** several times each night, filling her fertile womb with his potent black seed, and getting her pregnant a second time, maybe this <br />
time it will be a darling little black baby girl. Then you;ll know the exquisite pleasure of being a real cuckold.

Have you ever confided your desire to her. If she knows it's truly because of how much you love her and admire her, you never know, she might want to do it for the sake of your marriage. The biggest turn on for you will not be seeing his black **** in her *****, but the intimacy you observe when he kisses her and you see her return his kiss.

god , yes thats hot

excuse seems like a sexual taste that odd to me.are you serious about letting another man lay with your wife,watch them and let the guy release n have baby a Black you're both white.?'s he want to be black man?he wants to be with a black man?either way this is a sexual dysfunction issue eg.. rape of black women and rape of black men by white men and rape of little boys and girls by white men.I wish white people would stop having these type of sexual happen with black people,this is not right