Fully Taken By Black Man With An Audience Watching

This event happened over twenty years ago or so - when AIDS was something only gays and drug users got... so bear that in mind... and this telling was prompted by hotwife905's fantasy of seeing his wife get ****** by a large-cocked black man.


At this point in our relationship my wife Rox and I had been living together for a year or two but had known each other practically all of our lives.  We began playing around with other people soon after moving in together, but these encounters mostly reflected my voyeuristic desire to see my wife sexually interacting with other men.  Even with all our playfulness on the sexual front, Rox considered her womb off limits to the other men – ******* her ***** was reserved for me, and me only.  How that came out in our style of playing was that Rox would suck **** while I ****** her – sometimes quite a few ***** during any given event.  We both found this very exciting an a great complement to our already great relationship and sex life.


The particular occasion of this story found us at a swing party.   Rox was often very popular at these kinds of functions because not only is she a very sexy and cute, petite doll with perky breasts, slim waist and perfect breasts, but we are obviously not the kind of couple who will only play with other couples.  


The first part of our evening followed this same pattern.  We started playing around in one of the bedrooms and before we knew it there were three or four other men wanting to get in on the action.  As usual, Rox did not disappoint.  As I ****** her from behind, she ended up sucking the three men who knelt in front of her offering her their *****.  As you can imagine, this was quite erotic for everyone involved.  Unfortunately, though, we had chosen a room in this party house (we had never visited before) that had been set aside specifically for couple to couple sex, and the host politely asked us to move into a room where "anything goes" meaning that single guys could go in there as well as couples.


As soon as we got in there I felt Rox react physically.  I can’t honestly say I could detect her heart miss a beat or her breathing change, but something absolutely happened on a physiological level.  I noticed that the shift occurred when she caught sight of a very large black guy off in the far quadrant of the room.


Even though he was lying down, I could tell that he must have been six four at least.  He was already occupied... he and another black man were double teaming a black woman who rode him while sucking the other.  So intensely did my wife react to him that I could tell that it was the guy on his back that she had noticed, and not the one being sucked, even though they were in the same line of her view.  What  I sensed was that this was a deep animalistic craving that caught my wife off-guard as much as it did me.  But the room was wall-to-wall people, so we settled into the crowded room where we could, fully across the room from where the man over whom she was creaming lay.


Picture a tiny dimly lit room with a low ceiling - the floor all covered with clean mattresses and maybe fifteen bodies in there - so no matter where you were you were practically up against someone else.  Everyone is so turned on that there is a lot of everyone groping and moving in and out of positions... hooking up, drawing away...etc.  And so were we, but mostly adding partners to the two of us - sometimes male - sometimes female.


Eventually I was on top of Rox missionary style and there was a man kneeling next to her head and feeding her his **** which she was sucking avidly when the other black man, the one who had been being sucked, came up on the other side and put his **** out for Rox to suck also.


I knew Rox enough to know her obvious delight about this was based on thinking that it was the guy she saw first.  She had no vantage point to see anything but his **** – she couldn’t see his face like I could, but because she had mistaken this man for the man of her desire, she gave him an incredible *******, before he moved away to **** someone else.


As he moved away, Rox was clearly disappointed until she saw the guy to whom she originally was attracted. He was stretched out but propped up on his elbows, sitting back talking - taking a break - and when Rox saw that this might be her chance, she moved herself - scooted herself (with me still inside her) over until she was between his legs where she could get his limp (but still HUGE) **** into her mouth.  The black guy’s surprise at this brazenness was visible, but he took it all in stride as this pretty white woman took what she wanted.


Now my wife was sucking the **** of the guy she originally saw – and she had an expression like she’d won the lottery.  The big black guy was all smiles and just lay back and let my wife suckle on him as his pole returned to hardness....


I was mesmerized by the scene so close to me, and the black woman who had been ******* him began caressing me and basically trying to get me to get off of my wife.  I took the bait, but I kept my eyes on Rox as she rolled over and started sucking the black guy very dedicatedly...


I began ******* this other woman but as I had never seen Rox with a guy this big  before, not to mention how erotic it was to see her paleness contrasting with his deep darkness as she devoted herself to the black shaft – well, the woman got bored with my attention to my wife and my inattention to her, finally pulling herself away to go elsewhere.  Frankly I didn’t care because as we were uncoupling I saw Rox climbing up on top of that massive black body...


Now, remember that in those days, Rox never ****** anyone but me!  And yet here she was climbing up and on top of him - and his **** was mammoth by now – biggest **** either one of us had ever seen – and here is my petite, sexy wife making her move!


The black stud had to shift a bit in order to lie down fully, and when he did he turned them 90 degrees so they were now in profile to me.  Also, when he did this some other guy immediately moved over and planted himself in a perfect position to watch my wife try to put this huge black **** into herself.  And I say "try" for a reason.


I have to tell you it was very hot to see my wife not give a damn WHO was watching.  It was as if she HAD to have this guy inside her, but try as they might it wouldn't go in!


The black guy pulled her up higher on his body and sat her on his face and began to eat her until my naked wife, straddling his face, was about to pass out from the pleasure.  Finally when he determined that my wife was ready he moved her back into position for entry.


Again, Rox put the head back to the opening and started to try to mount it as if possessed.  Then, as my wife tells it, he started controlling her - telling her to slow down, not to go so fast.... telling her just how he wanted her to get him up into her.  His dominant tone sent her over the edge.  She was his.  My wife slowly did as he commanded and worked herself up and down until it was all the way inside her...  I was hard as a rock and I thought she was going to pass out and still just hang up there, impaled as she was on the thick post.


The voyeuristic guy behind her was ******* off like mad watching this, and I moved around where I could see what he was seeing - and it was amazing...  I had no idea my wife’s ***** could stretch that wide.  The huge fat shaft looked like it was way too large for my wife’s delicate flower yet the two of them were not going to stop for anything.


But this was also driving me so crazy because now I wanted to **** my wife!  I whispered in her ear that I wanted her to move off and suck him so I could watch while I ****** her, but she made no moves to dismount – as if she didn’t even hear me!   So I grabbed my wife by the hips and started guiding her off of the huge pole in a way that made it clear that I wanted a turn... Obviously my wife would defer to me as her husband, right?  The husband she had pledged her ***** to?  But instead, they were both looked at me like I was crazy!


I managed to get my wife off and entered her from behind as she reluctantly went back to sucking his ****, but that lasted all of about 15 seconds before he said, "**** this ****" and he pulled my wife off of ME and turned her over onto her back.  Instead of objecting, my wife let out this delighted squeal and I was left staring at this big black guy's *** as he prepared to enter my wife again.  I scrambled to the side where I could see him working the thick black head up and down between her lips.  Her little vulva looked so precious and vulnerable there waiting to be split by this huge stiff, fat dark ****, black as night - it was unbelievable.


Then as I watched, it started going in bit by bit.  Rox was just going wild like there was nothing in the world BUT his ****.  In a moment, he was ******* her like she was his woman, and my wife who is ordinarily relatively quiet was moaning so loudly that people were gathering at the door of the room to see who was getting it this good!  My wife made a spectacle of herself with her complete abandon, and I was ready to *** myself just from watching this erotic scene!


Now, what made this even more erotic was that in those days my wife was not on the pill.  This was unprotected sex with a giant black **** that was reaming her out like she’d never been reamed before.


My wife had forgotten I even existed.  As a matter of fact I don’t think she even had an idea of where she even was, so consumed was she by this *******.  The spectacle was so powerfully erotic that the audience grew as word seemed to spread all through the party house.  Maybe they thought this was some kind of virginal deflowering or something the way my wife was carrying on, but one thing for sure - all these people were watching my wife having the best **** of her life, and they knew it.


At that point, I thought nothing could seal this into my brain as the most erotic event of my life more than it already was until my wife suddenly came back to the real world, realizing the black monster up inside her was about to explode.  Not being on the pill, this was something that had more importance even than allowing another man besides me inside her.  She surely did not want to be impregnated, yet it took her until she was feeling the **** tensing to *** to realize how far she had let herself go.  Immediately she started pleading, “Don’t *** in me!  Don’t come in me!”  


The black guy was clearly astonished by this.  He stopped in mid stroke as if considering this, but then, as if saying “**** this” one more time, he just started pumping again.  I guess he thought my wife was having some kind of "oh, no!" fantasy or something because as he regained his rhythm the only sounds that came out of my wife’s throat was a moan of pure ecstasy, not another protest.  Seconds later he plunged deeply into my wife and held it in there as he shot.  My wife went out of her mind and let out a deep gutteral moan while grabbing his *** and thrashing on his ****, pulling it even more deeply into her if that was possible.  As the large black man pumped  a huge load of *** into her, my wife came on his tool like it was the first true ****** of her life.  She locked her legs around him insuring that the **** would have no chance of exiting as it was spurting.  The audience of men around the room (and even a couple of the women) were stroking themselves or their partners as my wife continuously came on this gushing black staff.


My wife was panting, her head wagging from side to side as the black man finished coming in her and pulled out leaving a slick streak of ***** out of her opening and across one thigh.  As he moved out from between her legs, I got a good look at my wife’s violated opening.  It seemed like it, too, was gasping from the *******, too used to even think about closing up.  I  could not resist the sight of it and I positioned myself between her legs.  I’m not sure she even noticed me, because now she had her hand on his softening but still massive **** and was pulling him up so that she could suck it clean.  Happy to oblige my wife’s debauchery, he moved into a position that allowed her to nurse on his **** like a baby while I shoved my **** in to the hilt in one stroke.


As I watched my wife wantonly suck her own juices and the remaining ooze out of the giant organ, I could barely feel the walls of her tunnel so drilled out as it was.  Nevertheless, the feeling and the sight of my wife trying to stuff every last inch of the shrinking yet still massive **** in to her mouth had me shooting my feeble load into her almost immediately on entering.


Later on my wife admitted to having lost complete control over herself somehow – blame it on pheromones or anything else, she said, but she had to have that ****, and nothing could stand in her way.  She said the feeling of his ****, as far up her as she had ever had anything, shooting powerful jets of *** that she swore she could feel shooting right up her cervix was the most powerful sexual experience of her life.  She still maintains that to this day…


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WOW, what a great story! It would have made me feel good to see my wife so over come with pleasure by being with a black man. I hope you encouraged her to do it again and again. I know I would. Sounds like she has the makings of a truly HOT WIFE. Please add me as a friend.

Great story It is a testament to roxy,s feelings for you that she never left you and hooked up with blokes with very large black *****.

wow!!!! That must have been so exhilarating to watch! It got me worked up just imagining it while I read your wonderfully desc<x>riptive telling! Man, I'd love to see my wife take a huge **** and also lose contol like that

Very hot story

I guess that she did not get knocked up!


Great story and would love to hear more. Thanks for sharing

PJ, You know I always love to hear your stories.<br />
<br />
Don't think you ever told me that one before.<br />
<br />
Slow. (uncutinct) RC

Holy **** that was hot! Love how he took control of her as if she were his. Thank you for that great story... I'm honoured to have inspired you, man!