Ohh Its So Good.

My hubby and I have a black single friend that I have shared several encounters with. My husband is impotent and cannot quench my high sex drive. He convinced me to take a lover and to start  seeing his black friend. Reluctantly I did and the results are very gratifying. Here is what happened on a recent tryst.

G picked me up around 7:00 PM and drove me to his place. As we rode in the car he told me how much  he liked my body and played with my legs under my skirt. His hand went higher until he could feel my wetness. He said it appears you missed me and I leaned over and whispered you will find out just how much. As soon as we were inside his place i pulled him the bedroom and pulled off his pants. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. I pounced on him and grabbed his beautiful **** and started to devour him. He moaned and said hurry get undressed. I did a slow ***** tease and peeled down to my undies.  I hopped in bed and we kissed passionately as he undid my bra. I love the way he nuzzles and sucks my breasts which turns me on more. He soon had his hands in my panties and slid them down my hips. He rolled me on my back and started rubbing his **** on my wetness. I opened my legs wide to accommodate him and  guided him into my vagina.  He pumped me hard and ground himself into my loins until I had my first ******. He then pushed my legs back and up on his shoulders and really stuck it to me. I felt him quiver and shake as he had a climax and he is very verbal during sex. His moans and gasps triggered my second ****** and I held him tightly against me.

We lay in the afterglow caressing, nuzzling and kissing until we were ready for round two. We weren't in such a frantic rush this time and we tried several different positions. I liked especially when he sat on the bed and I straddled him on top this allows for the deepest penetration and he is well endowed. I could feel him bottoming out.  We had sex for the next 5-6 hours until I was too sore to go on. We fell asleep in each others arms.

I don't make love with this man, this is pure raw sex and lust that I think we both need and enjoy.

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6 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Awesome! Great story, very hot.

are u falling for him

oh yes, so very wonderful indeed. wilma

i cant wait for the raw sex to expand to his friends!

My would I like to watch you have sex with your friend you are so hot!

You sound like you could have more partners to satisfy your lust. I volunteer.