Something A Little Different

The last time I was with my black lover we were not so frantic and eager to attack each other. I went to his place and we had a couple of drinks and talked for awhile nothing too sexy.  We kissed for a little bit then he said he wanted to show me something. He had bought several sex toys and asked if I ever used any or had anyone use them on me.  I told him only my trusty vibrator but I was curious how his toys worked.  He had an item called a rabbit vibrator, a 10" black ***** and a toy called a G spot seeker.  We agreed to go in the bedroom to test them out.  We undressed and lay on the bed and started kissing and caressing moving down to play with my vagina. He lubed me up well with his tongue and a bottle of lubricant. he started using the rabbit first, it is like a ***** **** vibrator combo. He rubbed it in and out keeping  the vibrator on my ****. ooh it felt good. He put me on all fours and used the part that rubs the **** to slightly enter my anus and he worked it. I was very excited so he laid me on my back and lubed up the long *****. He sucked and licked my **** as he worked it in. my first ****** quickly followed

I told him now it was his turn and I  played with his beautiful uncut **** and balls.  I sucked, licked and kissed it while he proceeded to use the toys on me. The G spot seeker was blah, but the others were nice.  As I worked his **** over he suddenly stiffened and filled my mouth with *****. I was somewhat surprised as I never experienced that before.  The taste was not unpleasant but his ******* made me so hot I had to have him inside me. He was only partially erect but managed to enter me as I lay on top. We kissed and nuzzled each others necks and I felt him grow inside me . We went at hard and nasty until we both came again. We spent the next couple of hours cuddling and exploring bodies.

It was a little different session than usual but I still  liked it as I am very sexual and like to experiment.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

have u done anal with him

Bought my the Rabbit also. These toys are so much fun. Great story