Valentines Day Fun

On Valentines day I was sleeping in daydreaming about sex. I got my vibrator out and played with it until I had a small ******. I realized this only made me hornier so I thought I would give my friend a call to see if he wanted company. My husband was out of town for the weekend so I was alone. I called my friend and told him I had a Valentines gift for him if he was not busy. He said come on over he would like to see me. I showered, put on makeup and put on some sexy lingerie my husband gave me, a red lacy bra and G string panties. I also put on some thigh high stockings that my friend had given me because he likes the way they look.  I  covered this with a dress that buttons all down the front leaving the bottom two buttons undine so my legs show more.

When I arrived at his place we exchanged greetings and a kiss and he asked where is the gift.  I removed my coat and unbuttoned my dress exposing my lingerie and said this is it, I'm your gift. He pulled me to him and hugged and kissed me rubbing my butt, i could feel his hardness against me. He scooped me up and took me to his bedroom, laid me on his bed and removed his clothes. He lay beside me kissing me and had his large black hands all over me. He removed the bra and made love to my breasts, he knows this turns me on immensely. He soon moved down and pulled my panties to the side and gave me fantastic oral sex. I had a nice ****** and then he removed my panties and told me now here is my gift. His C--k was hard as a rock and he took no time in shoving it in me. He pushed my legs way back and pounded me hard and fast then stopped and pulled out. He rolled me over put a pillow under my stomach and entered my from behind. he pulled me to the edge of the bed and thrust  in and out while standing behind me. He cried out and moaned as he came. He then fell on the bed beside me and said oh my god I'm exhausted.  I told him buddy you are just getting started and went down on him to get ready for round two. We played all afternoon until we both had our fill said good byes.

I get wet just writing these accounts and have to play with myself after recalling the previous events. I guess that's why I enjoy posting the experiences. I told my husband what happened and he said he was glad that I  

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My wife loves doing this as well, though only occasionally.

I have f__ked 3 but have a regular that I like the best.

have u been fukd by another blk man--or just him--have u wanted to have two blk bulls

my wife also has a black lover she has just recently got back in touch with he is 61 she is 52 and she says the sex is just as good as it was in 1983 when she first knew him and it spices are sex life up,<br />
were having sex every day instead ov every few months, i adore being the cuck

Nice gift, I will have to find my wife a friend like yours :-)