At Last

At last my wife has began an affair with a black lover whome she rides bareback. Unfortunaly I've only managed to get sloppy seconds, but didn't have the guts to go down on her. She made a comment that it was a first for her to have two mens *** mix in her *****. I was so over *** with emotions that I just put my raging hardon into her ravaged puss y and shot my load before she had a chace to ***. Basically I fu ck ed it up. Now I'm back to the scheming and waiting for the right opportunity to arise so I can eat her. I have told her that this is what I want. (I tend to leave it up to her as to how and when she plays)

Last night she msg'd me to tell me that her lover had been sending her sms's trying to work her up and get her to want to suck his ****

. I told her that now is the time to decide exactly how she wishes to be fuc ke d, what fantasy she wants to fulfill, and then to set the time. I want her to get the maximum thrill from our games.

I would love to see the contrast of their skins as his jet black **** invades her smoothly shaved whhite married *****.

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Well he did get her hot enough for her to invite him round the next day. She sucked him twice. I asked why she didn't **** him. Her answer was hot, se said "I'd been fantasising foer the past week of sucking his beautiful black ****. I love licking and sucking his balls. And most of all he **** in copious amounts. This is what she wanted.<br />
I love her.

Your wife is so sexy, i would give her a really hard ******* and give her back to you with stretched swollen ***** flaps full of ***