South Bend, Indiana Hotwife For Bbc

We have had experiences with bbc lovers and I would love to see her have a regular local guy and so would she. We have even talked about if we found the right guy and the attraction and chemistry was right he and her taking control over hers and my relationship as far as sex goes with her.  I would have to ask permission and he would tell me what I was allowed to do if anything.  I would even help support the right man financially.  He would have to be local and have his own place for that though.

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I would love to be that guy. I cant change my color though.

we tried to get a guy like that once. but my wife is very strong and needs a man to break her like a wild horse and he couldnt do it. He talked a big game but she was to much for him.

lol, thats funny

we are still looking so if anyone knows of someone looking for a cool professional couple or you are interested, send an email and lets get the ball rolling!!!

I am a black man and my wife is a sexy white girl and she loves BBC and I love to watch her having a great time with BBC....

Thanx for your comments. I hope all is having fun. We are still on the hunt so hopefully we will have something going with someone.

I love your fantasy. I have a very similar situation with my wifes black B/F. He dosnt know that I know about their affair which has been going on for 9 months now. He unfortunatly is married aswell, so their sessions are sparse.<br />
He stayed overnight with my wife last night, as I'm travelling on business. The sexual rush that I experienced was (is) so strong that I've not calmed down enough yet to write about it. Plus I'm still getting the details, from my wife.<br />
<br />
Good luck with your serch. I'm not black, but am a decent 7" and can use it well. wish I was local and could help us out<br />

she will always end up home wantstowatch. we are very secure in that. we just love all the taboo and kinkiness of it all and she loves bbc. just need to find that hot *** cool guy for her that will treat it like a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship in the streets but behind closed doors we all lead our secret lives.

Yes, I agree with wantstowatch19, but I can really understand your desire!