Vacation With My Lover

I have written before about how I started having regular sex with a black friend of ours. We usually get together twice a week for fun tmes. Recently in March he asked if I would go on a trip with him to Padre Island. I got permission from my husband  who said with a wink "Have a good time" He knows and encourages me to have sex with our friend.  We went to a resort on the gulf but I told my friend G it was too cold to be on the beach or go in the pool.  he said you know we did not come here to play outdoors. We can heat things up here a bit right in our room, I get wet whenever  he gets me  thinking about our love making. We settled in our suite and I went in to shower and freshen up. He soon joined me and started to wash my back. His dark strong hands soaped my body front and back and I could feel his hard **** pressing against my upper buttocks. I turned, kneeled and took his beautiful **** in my mouth and sucked it as I played with his balls. He moaned loudly and quickly came in my mouth. He said oops and apologized for coming so fast but he said he was so horny thinking about this week. I told him it was ok but now its my turn as we dried ourseves and went into the bedroom. I jumped on the bed spread my legs and waited for his hot lips to kiss and suck my clitoris. He did not disappoint and made me come twice before we rested.

We took a long nap and I woke up first scanning his muscular body. I played and licked his **** until it got rock hard, I know he pretended to sleep but his hip movement gave him away. I move up to bite his nipples and he rolled me over on my back and started kissing me. He rubbed and sucked my nipples and caressed my vagina until I begged him to enter me. He climbed on and put his **** in all the way bending my legs over my head to get the deepest he could. He ****** me hard and furious just the way I love it and I came and he did also soon after. He rolled me on top and we lay like that for a long time.

We stayed in our suite mostly all week sending out for food and beverage. I think I was ony fully dressed twice all week. We told housekeeping to not clean our room just leave fresh towels as we did not want to be disturbed. They probably did not have to starch our sheets because our juices left them stiff. The maid must have thought there was an **** in there. We had a wonderful week of lust and sex and I was thankful for bringing plenty of lube but was somewhat sore anyway.

We hope to do it again and I tell my husband how much I love him for letting me go and allowing me to fulfill my sexual desires.

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I haven't posted on logged on for awhile because my husband passed away. I am still with my lover and it is just as hot but I took alittle sabbatical but it's over now.

welcome back

would love to find my wife a "friend" like that

I'm happy to see you are enjoying being a shared wife and your sexual desires and needs are being fulfilled. I have recently got my wife to enjoy some strange ****, it took several years but now she seems tomlove it. I know she would love to find a love such as you have to take her places and enjoy a few day or even a week of sexual pleasure. I do so hope she finds a guy like this and takes full advantage of her newly found sexual freedom. I'd love a friend invite so I can follow you experiences.

Hubby doesn't care he can't perform.

what did your huby think of this

The only thing that would make this story even better is if your husband also paid for the trip.

The only thing that would make this story even better is if your husband also paid for the trip.

The only thing that would make this story even better is if your husband also paid for the trip.

Pure pleasure! Pure passion! What a week of pure joy!

very hot story, you have a very lucky hubby!!!!

This is what exactly makes a married couple sex life more colourful and family more happy. I and my wife are Asian and are very open-minded. I always let her spend her time with her different boy friends whoever he is from time to time. I always encourage her to sexually satisfy them so that they friendship will last. What I want from her is that she should not flirt with them in the public, but once in the room she can do anything she wants and should behave wantonly to make both happy. The only thing I regret is that she is still reluctant to get ****** by a black man though many years back she was fanciful about it. She likes white men as she reckons their endownment is much bigger and longer them mine. I hope one day I will have the chance to watch her with a black man.

damn that's a sexy story. please make me a friend.

Thank you for sharing your great stories. You and your hubby are very lucky you get to live out your desires.