My Fantasy to Share My Wife

I  have had this fantasy , to see my wife with one or more guys whilst I watch.

I have had this fantasy not only with my wife, but with an ex gf, for over 20 years. (PS I don 't see the ex anymore)

My ex didn't want to know, and my wife has said she only loves me.

 Recently when we played a scruples game the "*********" question came up and my wife said "Maybe when I am a lot older" (we are both mid 40's)


I told her again that it turned me on but she said she didn't want to see me with another woman.


That was fine as I don't have that fantasy of sleeping with another woman.


So I have firmly planted the seed and now need to develop it - just not sure how..

Any help please.





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4 Responses Aug 17, 2009

For me, my desire to see my wife **** new guys is because she is so incredibly orgasmic and I would love seeing her get the chance to maximize her amazing sexual potential. It's all about her pleasure and how much I enjoy her being pleasured. Because I love her, I want her to fully enjoy sex because sex is so much fun.

I realize this is a difficult thing for some women to understand. Like the others of this group, I too have no wishes to be with other women. In fact, when we first talked of the subject, she asked me straight out if this was a ploy or hinting of me wanting to be with other women. The answer is simply NO. I have no desire for other women. <br />
My wife was a virgin when we married. She has told me that her only sexual contact with previous botfriends was oral only. That is where I feel she has missed out on some experiences in life. I had many diffrent women before we were married and she had a hard time dealing with it for years. It seemed to be a sticking point in relationship issues. As we matured and became settled in marriage, life, work, etc., it became easier to talk about. We talk openly and freely in private about sex. <br />
I feel she would benefit from having another man to try. I'm interested in only watching at first to see how it goes FOR HER. If she enjoys it and wants to continue or possible have a ********* either as a tag-team or as a double, I'll let her decide. Do I get off on it? Sure. It sounds exciting to watch her enjoy herself and let go with someone else. Is she going to fall in love with him and leave me, our kids, home, jobs and lifestyle? Absolutely not. Of that I am sure. So I see it as nothing more than a sex enhancer for her to explore a few new things and experiences that perhaps she may have missed out on.<br />
Am I..........<br />
Jealous? No.<br />
Worried? No.<br />
Turned on? yes.

I feel the same way I have no interest in other women,But I really wan to see my wife pleasured by another man.I am not sure if this will ever happen though or not.....Sometimes after a few drinks we will text my friend in California and send him some good pictures and it is a huge tun on for me.... when i try and talk to her about taking it to the next step she just gets quiet. We live about 900 miles from him and only see him about one a year.

I've been devastated for days- the guy I'm falling in love with told me HIS fantasy is to see me with other men. It upset me- I don't want to see HIM with any other woman. I assumed that was what he'd ask for next- but after reading what you said I'm not sure. I think for your wife (and for me) that we need to understand where this fantasy comes from....we may think that you don't value us....PLEASE explain why you have this fantasy...

It does not mean that he would like to have another woman at all. I share my wife but I have not had another woman. I just don't have that fantasy. Watcing her with another man is about her pleasure experiencing it and my pleasure watching it. Ask him?

When we were in the hot-wife lifestyle, it was all about her and her fun. I never wanted another woman. She was brought as a southern lady where women were strictly loyal to their husband, so for her to allow another man to **** her she had to be really turned on---and she did it largely for me. I wish she still ****** other men, whether or not I ever got any ***** myself.