Does An Audience Count As Public?

How many people does it take to count as a "public" ****? OK, it's one thing to go to a public park, ***** naked and start ******* right there in the open.  Aside from getting arrested, the worst part would be trying to **** fast enough to *** before being arrested!

Another type of public **** is truly being in the open during daylight hours so anyone can see, but there's nobody around.  In that case, the thrill is ******* in the open air, but there's no audience.  Ho-hum.....

How about ******* on our deck with plenty of light while 20 other people look on to see what you're doing?  Some are naked, some are fooling around, we're ******* in various positions and a couple of guys are stroking their dicks.  After eating my wife's *****, then ******* doggy style for a few minutes, she rolls to her back while I **** her from above, then pull out my **** as I *** so everyone can see my *** splash on her tummy.  I'd say that counts as public performance sex!

Let me count the ways we have ****** each other and ****** other people with an audience.  It's no big deal, if you have the right attitude about sex.  :-)
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

My girlfriend Linda were in a swinger relationship. One of the most enjoyable things was to watch her get publicly ****** in the middle of a circle of our swinger friends. It was such a turn-on to see her be the center of attention with one or two other men.