Dirty Dancing

I fantasize about this often. My wife and I go to party at a local bar. She is a light weight and gets drunk after just a couple of drinks.
I usually don't dance but she really enjoys dancing so when an attractive young stud invites her on the dance floor, I insist that she goes with him. As one song blends into another, they dance closer and I see his hands around her waist and on her shoulder and see that she is fully engaged with him. They walk hand in hand back to our table and slam down the next round of drinks and hit the dance floor again.
I see her showing off, shaking her awesome **** to the music and he stares down her low cut blouse as if in a trance. The next song is a slow one and they close in a tight embrace. His hands go to the small of her back and occasionally brush across her ***. As she is a bit tipsy, her head rests on his chest and her arms wrap tightly around him. I wonder what he thinks with her **** smashed against him and I notice that his crotch is against her stomach. I see a bit of bump and grind going on and she seems to enjoy it and by his bulge, I know he does as well. At the end of the song they come back and sit together on the other side of the booth from me and I can see the sparks are flying. I excuse myself to the restroom to give them a bit of time alone. As I go around the corner I notice him scooting close to her and his hand goes to her bare thigh below her dress and she gazes into his eyes with passion. I order another round of drinks for them and head to the bathroom. When I come back I walk around the club and come up from behind them and can't believe they are kissing! I look down and see his hand under her dress and my wife's hand rubbing his erection through his pants. I look at her as I come back to my seat and she seems afraid as I have caught her red handed but I smile and say, "It looks like you two are enjoying yourselves!" She said how hot it was in the club after dancing and were going to step outside for some air.

I say that I will hold our table and give her a wink as they stand up and move toward the door. I can see he is fully erect as he helps steady her as they walk out. I give them a couple of minutes before I slip outside too. I don't see any activity in our car so I walk around to the alley and see them against the wall making out and see his pants undone. She is stroking his huge **** and his is kneading her full **** under her shirt. They are engrossed in each other and don't see me as I slip into a shadow and watch. They break their kiss and he gently pushes down on her shoulders. She goes to her knees in front of him and pulls his pants to his ankles and he lifts up his shirt tail. She is stroking him fast and takes one quick suck of his **** and comes up with a loud pop. He moans and she takes it back in her mouth but this time starts pumping up and down as she strokes his **** and squeezes his balls. He leans back against the wall and starts thrusting in rhythm with her bobbing head. As she comes up for air she wraps her tongue around his **** and stops to flick the head over and over as her hands increase their speed on his shaft and balls. He starts to groan and she takes him as deep in her mouth as she can and I see his hips tense up and hear her moaning with her mouth full of **** as he starts shooting down her throat. She continues bobbing until he puts his hands on her face to signal the end of his huge ******. She swallows it all down and then wipes her arm across her face as he pulls her up and kisses her deeply. I slip back into the club and wait for their return. They enter, looking like a couple of giggling kids after their first date. They sit back across from me and i ask if they have cooled down and my wife says, "Definitely!" Her hair is out of place and her shirt is partially open, and yes I think I see a bit of *** on her shirt. The next slow dance comes on and she takes my hand and leads me out to the dance floor. She leans in for a deep kiss and I taste the salty remnants on her tongue. She thanks me for taking her dancing and says what a great time she has had.

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Great fantasy, very hot. Hope you get to live it if you can handle her ******* some stranger after a night of dirty dancing. Keep us posted

That was a hot experience!

You have a vivid imagination.