Wife Gives Blow Job to Co-worker

My wife had recently discovered herself sexually after many years of being very conservative sexually. I was lucky to have sex once a week if that but that soon changed. In a previous story I mentioned the change do to some natural supplements that had a great side effect of getting her extremely horny. She started flirting with a co-worker who flirted with her as well, one thing led to another and they were doing some intense making out, but no sex or bj yet. He would jack off on her **** or ***. She would come home all excited and tell me all the details, I would be so excited and horny we would **** like teenagers. Well this had all gone on at work which I think kept things to a limit for fear someone would come back after work and catch them so I suggested they go out together and make out somewhere safe. They ended up getting so hot and horny she gave him a blow job in the parking lot of a restaurant they had just had coffee while talking. She was wearing a sundress with small straps that could be easily pulled down and no bra or panties. They went out to his car and she was on the passenger side they began kissing and feeling each other, grabbing etc. she was rubbing his **** through his pants and her was working her dress off her, before long she buck naked on her knees bending over with her face in his lap going to town on his rod. I can see it in my mind, her great *** sticking way up in the air for anyone to see in the passenger side window, her head going up and down on his rod faster and faster. She sucked him until her blew his load into her mouth and she took it all and swallowed his entire load, all the while naked as a jaybird for anyone to see if they came close enough. She said she her voices but was enjoying herself to much to stop and see if she was being watch, she even said it turned her on to think someone would see her *** and body and know she was sucking his ****. Her co-worker was so engrossed in enjoying her mouth on his **** he was in another world and had no idea if they were watched or not. I always like to imagine she was seen by someone or more, especially seeing her *** sticking up in the air. This was her first of many blow jobs with this guy which lasted about 1 1/2 or 2 years, he became her first and only **** buddy, it was great while it lasted. I think we have another possible **** buddy in the works. I'll let you know when they get together. It should happen later this month.





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What a sexy minx - great fun for you both and must make your time together all the better

Love your stories. Please add me

Awesome wife

wow - I like women so much - even cross dress to be in their clothes - wish I cloud be around a couple like you two.. the wife sounds hot and full of fun and all that pent up energy... for extra sex is soo hot and makes me horney... sd

Great story! Did you ever get to watch in person or did she just tell you the juicy details afterward?

What a neat experience! Before my wife and I were married, we were married to others and were meeting for sex. One time we were parked in the city in a metered parking space, having sex inside an enclosed van. People stopped on the sidewalk and said "There's somebody in there!" as the van was rocking back and forth. We just slowed so the would lose interest.

Hey! what are those supplements??????

I have no idea now, that was 10 or 12 years ago, sorry.

Darn it, the same thing came across my mind. I would kill to get my hand on supplements like those.

hot, but i have a question did he know that yoy knew it?

Yes he knew that my wife was telling me all about thier adventures, how much it turned me on.

wow. hot well written story, thanx for sharing. :)

sounds hot my ex wife was a nurse and several of the doctors she worked with got ******** in the parking garage.

Awesome experience. Wouldn't it have been hot to watch her from another vehicle in the parking lot!

is the place she works at hirein ?? i want to be her next **** buddy

I would love to have seen her *** n exposed ***** in the air.If I'd seen that I probably would leave a thick load of come on the window to show I'd jacked off while watching them ...lol

Very hot story.i am sure it's so very exciting knowing how hot and horny she is till the point she has to **** or suck **** because.she is so ******* hot and can't wait to get home.wow that is so hot to me and i know it is for you.

If anyone knew, the job applicants would be lining up for miles to work with her.

hot stuff and you can bet she was seen

Guess I need to move to your area. She sounds like she would be an awesome **** buddy!

Great story!

great story. <br />
There are a lot of nudist places for couples (her with you or her boyfriend) can go without the sex. Encourage her to try it, at least once with each of you.<br />
<br />
Your openess and encouragement to her is a wonderful gift.<br />
<br />
keep us informed,

Can't wait to hear about it, love your stories always get me rock hard.

Yeah, what were those supplements....<br />
<br />
I would love to see her giving a co-worker head....even her boss....

What were the supplements? WE could use those here.

Sounds like a very hot scene I would definitely volunteer to help her out