My Wife And Her First Bj

 Hi everyone, bear with me for a moment while I try to share probably the hottest experience I've had with my wife up to this point. My wife is 35 yrs old and I am 37. I have been interested in the thought of sharing her for quite sometime and often discussed it with her.  While I never really expected anything to happen, one night a buddy of mine and I were doing shots of pretty much anything that we could find in the house. Well like normal, we began talking about sex and what I liked the best about my wife. I told him I loved the way my wife gives BJ's. I will tell you straight, I have had head from several girls and I still think she is the best at it. Well anyways, my wife heard me from  well, i dunno where she was but I heard he yell at me that I better not be talking about our sex life with my friends. Well of course that didn't stop us but she did come in the living room to make sure I was "being good" I told her I was bragging on her and not just talking ****. well that talk continued and before I knew it, my buddy stood up and he was pretty erect. My wife started laughing and told him he's gonna put someones eye out with it. Of course we all laughed and he openly said the talk about my wife kinda turned him on. As he went to the bathroom, my wife asked me if I was serious about sharing her, well after being blind sided, I told her I was serious about it but I know nothing would happen. She said she was gonna mess with him like feel him up and tease him some. I told her be my guest.  Well when he returned, his hard-on now under control, she walked up to him and just brushed his crotch lightly and naturally he jumped back, and apologized like it was his fault. After a few minutes, my wife came back from once again doing whatever it was she was doing and had a ruler. I asked what are you gonna do with that? Well she said guys always love to compare **** sizes so she wanted to measure us. Well I went ahead and dropped my pants and he did the same. By looking at it, he was about the same size as me but maybe thicker. Anyways she measured me at 6 3/4" then went to him, she said he came in a little longer but not enough to worry about. Well I noticed her wiping the  back of her hand when off and asked even though I knew, asked her what was that? She said she got a little something on her hand. Not realizing I was saying it out loud until I got a look from her, I said you should have licked it off. She leaned into me and said what? I whispered to her you should have licked it off your hand, that would have messed him all up. Well she said just wait there's more. She walked up to him, slowly caressed his member and began squeezing it, more pre-*** came oozing out and she took it with her fingers and looking at me she said like this? As she placed her fingers in her mouth and licked it off. With that she looked at my buddy who I think was frozen on the chair and said do you mind if I swallow your ***? He looked at me and said if I don't mind he don't care at all. Well she began stroking and sucking him. I was watching him just as much as her and I saw him close his eyes, relax and really enjoy what was happening. She would from time to time turn her head to look at me and even though her mouth was full of his *****, I could tell she was smiling. Every once in a while she would stop sucking on him just long enough to start up a casual conversation. I think that was the hottest part of it all, it was like this was just a normal everyday occurrence! Before too long though, she was asking him if he was enjoying himself and telling him how much she is looking forward to feeling him ***. Well she just continued on alternating between his balls and **** until she noticed he was beginning to flinch, hell I noticed he was flinching. She looked up at him, told him to open his eyes and look at her. When he looked at her she went down as far as she could while still looking up at him and that was all it took, his eyes got huge and he yelled HOLY ****!! He grabbed her head and pulled himself into her throat as far as he could. My wife just took it all swallowed it and when he relaxed, she began sucking him slowly until he was soft. Afterwards, she tickled his balls, told him how much fun that was and said maybe they could do it again sometime. Well the rest of the night went about normal, he racked out on the couch and that was it. Sorry it was so long but I was trying to get as much detail as I could because for me it's the little details that turn me on the most.

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8 Responses Feb 16, 2010

That is a great story

loved that story wish it had been my ****

awesome story!!!

Excelent story, especialy the licking precum from her fingers part. This is so erotic and exciting, seeing the fluid exchange and figureing out what's going to be the next move! Thank you for sharing it!

My ***** is as stiff as a hot poker, i'm sure your wife appreciated the length, thrusting down her throat? I would imagine its many mens' fantasies to share their wives and g/friends with a stranger perhaps? A huge thick length of black man's love rod thrusting down her throat, i bet loads of men and women have discussed having sex with strangers,in public places, so much the better, and safer too!!

Can I be your friend! Great experience. I've been lucky enough to be the reciepent of a few BJ's with the husbands watching.. I'm torn between watching my **** in her mouth or watching her husbands face! Both are priceless! Tks for sharing. Bill in Va.

No apologies needed about the was perfect. I think your wife would agree too...:) dc

Gee whiz, I'm so freaking hard I could *** without touching myself. What a story! Really good show...