Out Of The Blue

She did it once out of the blue, given the right set of circumstances she will probably want to do it again.  This is her decision, I am along for the ride 


We were going to Laughlin NV for the weekend and I read about a private home that was a swing club on weekends across the river.  We went there and it was  my wife and I, another couple and 3 single guys at the bar.  As we were walking around there was a little cubicle that had a mattress and shackles hanging from the ceiling.  A guy from the bar followed us and said he would get naked and my wife could put him in shackles and do what ever she wanted.  She did and then started to get undressed down to her panties.  I was standing there fully clothed.  She started sucking the guys ****.  After awhile she motioned for me to get my **** out and she started sucking me while she was giving him a hand job.  I came, she swallowed every drop and then got dressed leaving the guy in shackles.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

It is such a thrill to watch your wife give another ,an oral favors - have seen it three times and I still love to watch.

Hope I get to be the one!

Yes...we would love the juicy details :-) dc