Watching My Wife With Her Ex.

I have related in a past story about the size of my wife's ex-husband huge penis.  Actually witnessed it in action once with his then, mother-in-law.  I guess I'm perverted, because I have suffered from having a small penis and have lost many girlfriends and wives to men with larger penises.  But to watch those large penises stretch a woman's wetness to the extreme is a huge turn on.

My wife and I had been married almost a year.  We had been roll playing finding a big penis for her to screw while I watched but had yet acted on my desire.  I had suggest many times that she should get with her ex-husband, but she was dead set against that, she still feared him and his abusive way.  But the thoughts were always present.

Of a few weeks time span, I noticed that my wife was having issues with the custody  agreement with her ex over their children.  My wife was wanting full custody and he did not.  Then one day she announced that he had agree'd to give her full custody, we were amazed, when I asked for details she said that they were going to meet to work them out, when I asked where this meeting was taking place she said most likely a restaurant or somewhere else.  The somewhere else piqued my interest.

One the day of the meeting, I left for work as usual, early in the morning, except I did not go to work, I parked my truck in the barn, out of sight of our home, then crawled in the back of her van.  It was not long before she jumped in and started driving.  She drove for a while then pulled off onto a county road and then stopped and got out of the car.  I remained quite for a few minutes then peaked out to see where we were.  It turned out that she was meeting her ex at her mom's house.  Although the only cars visible was her ex's car and our van, so that meant that her mom was not home at the time.

I let myself out of the van and sneaked around the side of the house, I could hear them inside talking, her ex was being loud and abusive telling her that she did not deserve full custody, my wife was pleading with him to just sign the papers.  I sneaked around to the back door of the house and let myself in.  I crept up the hallway an into the utility closet, that had wooden blinds on the doors, allowing me a good view of the living room.  I could hear them in the formal dinning room discussing the legal papers.  Then I was surprised to hear him ask about our sex life.  My wife laughed and told him that no man was as big as him, but I had talents with my tongue and fingers that was very satisfying.  I heard the chairs move and him saying, you really don't miss this.  I was thinking, damn I'm in the wrong spot.  My wife told him to put that thing away, she was here to sign papers not screw.  He then told her, I will not sign anything until you let me screw you one last time.  My wife was pleading now and said no, what about your wife and my husband, we can not do that to them.  I heard a scuffle and he said, I'm going to **** you one way or the other, so you decide how you want it.  My wife's voice was shaking, and asked what if mom comes home.  He laughed, and said, you know she would do nothing, hell she would probably want my big c*ck also.  Then my wife said it, well okay, but let's do it on the sofa, I sort of have missed that full stretched feeling that only you were able to give me.  He just laughed and said, you were always such a ***** for my huge d*ck, even when I was f**king those other women, you still wanted me.  Then I saw her walking into the living room removing her clothing, followed closely by her ex with his pants around his ankles.  They both continued to ***** out of their clothing, my wife was playing with her wetness, loosening it up.  He sit on the sofa with his massive erection sticking up, using both of his hands to stroke it, he could have easily lowered his head and sucked on his own penis.  He told my wife to come sit on it, she came to him and told him to be careful, it had been over a year since she has had anything that big inside her, he just laughed.  She told him, why don't you just let me give you a blow job, with that said, she started lowering her mouth, he said No, I want the p*ssy that I broke in ten years ago.  He grabbed her arms and pulled her to him, kissing her roughly and squeezing her breast, squirting milk all over his chest.  My wife was sticking her fingers in her p*ssy working it fiercely.  I lowered my pants and was pulling on my little penis, unable to look away.  He then asked her if she was ready, she just shook her head and stepped over his legs and started lowering herself onto his massive penis.  I watched in awe as she stretched her p*ssy lips apart and lowered herself inch by inch, finally coming to a stop six or more inches of his penis still available.  She started moving up and down on it, moaning telling him that she can not take it all, it was to big.  From my angle I had a wonderful view of her *** and how stretched her p*ssy was.  He then grabber her waist and stood up, and turned her toward the sofa, then pushed her back and then he collapsed on top of her.  I was now looking at his *** and balls and my wife legs spread wide.  She was telling him not to push it all in, and he was cussing telling her to take it like she use to, then he started pounding his massive d*ck inside her.  I could see him rise, pulling out many inches of massive d*ck then driving it as deep as he could back in her.  Then she started moaning, and telling him to **** her, to push his big d* ck in all the way, that she was a ***** for his big c*ck.  I was a little taken back with her vocal enthusiasm, but at the same time, I was coming myself.  He continue to pound her and she kept coming and coming.  He finally stopped and pulled out of her, leaving a gaping hole and her fluids leaking out on her ***.  She sit up allowing more fluids to pour out, she asked him why he stopped, he told her that he had already f*cked her mother earlier, then told her to leave the house so he could be alone with her.  My wife got mad, and asked him, so you think my mother can **** your big c*ck better than I can, he just laughed, and told her that she get more excited and screams when she comes.  I could see that my wife was getting very upset, she was screaming at him about him screwing her mother, she then told him to lay down, that she would show him how a woman f*cks a big c*ck,  she stepped over him and squatted down on him, this time taking ever inch of his penis all the way to his balls.  Then she stated f*cking him for all she was worth, the whole time screaming at him, does my mother **** you like this, can she milk your ball's like this.  I found that I was coming again watching this action, and her screaming at him.  She was f*cking him so hard that her knees were coming off the floor with each thrust, he started moaning, telling her that he was coming.  She started beating his chest with her fist telling him to fill her whorish p*ssy, to give her one more baby, with that he exploded inside of her, but she kept on f*cking him, his come mixed with hers turned into a white froth and it was splashing on the floor with each thrust.  She finally stopped and rolled off of him, causing a plopping sound as the suction was broken from her wetness, their fluids draining on the floor.

As the both got up to go clean up, I pulled my pants up and stuffed my little hard on in my pants and sneaked out of the house and back in the van.  My wife then drove home, I could here her crying during the drive.  She went into the house, I went to the barn and then pretended to come home early from work.  When I walked in the door, she burst into tears, and told me part of the story, and that to get him to sign the papers that she had to submit to him f*cking her.  I told her I understood and that it was okay.  Nine months later, our daughter was born.

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I made a username just to comment on this story, look at my username. You are a ******* disgrace to all man kind, you should have a ***** not a small ****. your ***** wife cheated on you with a guy who talks like that and you jacked off to it lmao. I literally would've shot that guys **** off and murdered your ***** wife for being such a selfish ****. She let that ****** *** inside her and make her *** harder than you ever could.... She should be crucified for all to see, same with your ***** daughter. I hope her and her whole family burns for all of eternity! I am serious. I actually made an account just to wish horrible things on your ***** wife and you for being such a ******* *****. Burn in hell

Good story!