Naked Or Dressed In Only His White Underpants/jocks

As U may imagine, I am a GAY MAN.
YES, I love to see pictures of nude REAL MAN - I am not into girlish looking men - a MAN must be a MAN with all respect.
But there is one other think, I like ever more than pictures of nude men:
Pictures of MEN dressed in ONLY white undies or jocks.
The main reason for this desire: I love to see the dark, yellowish and maybe *wet* spots of **** STAINS in the front. I simply love it, when a MAN shows, that he is not always that *clean* - the SMELL of undies and after that, the SMELL of an unwashed **** is my best desire.
pisser52 pisser52
51-55, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

If you look at my profile pics I'm not gurly but very kinky and only dress for fun. My pics for my friends of me hairy is the real me.