What Would It Take To Destroy Obesity In America?

Hello everyone, I made this group so people could post some ideas and their opinions on what would help the war on obesity. I see many struggle with this issue on a day to day basis and it breaks my heart to see someone so down on themselves about something ultimately preventable.

I'm not going to preach a weight loss program and would appreciate it if others didn't, however, tips toward weight loss would be fantastic for members looking to find information on how to better themselves.

As far as ideas and suggestions (not that we're looking to start a revolution here) i would like to get the ball rolling!

This has been attempted in certain areas but has been shot down. When I was 17 I worked in a grocery store and a lot of people used food stamps (also known as EBT) which is just fine, whoever, a mother of a family would come into the store and come to the check out counter with a couple packs of sodas. Now I can't fairly say all of these people were over weight but a good amount of them were. I believe soda should not be an option when using food stamps. With certain health foods, yes, they are much too expensive but as of now, distilled water is very cheap! There is no reason to chug sodas instead of water if it would make a difference. I am not saying reduce the cash allowance to these individuals. They would have the same amount of money but to spend on other items. I won't even get into the fact that it is possible to buy candy on food stamps.

Thank you for reading, guys!

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Hello =3

People need to eat more wholesome foods. That won't happen so long as packaged salads are 4 bucks and burgers are 99 cents.

Also, I really think a shift to vegetarianism would help this. Not only is it healthier, but I think people would be motivated to do it when they see who their choice to eat meat and animal products affects. You won't convince people to stop doing something they know hurts them if they like to do it, but you may be able to curb that behavior if you show them who else it's affecting. You might like this speech. In addition to explaining how animals are treated in today's society, Gary Yourofsky also covers aspects on health and environmental issues around our "american diet." You may just realize that this whole obesity epidemic is not being helped by the government, and they are the ones keeping people sick, by hiding behind lies of animal agriculture, and getting factory farms to back them up, to the point where factory farms control a lot of what the gov does.


Thanks for responding, I would love it if you wrote a story on here. I would like to see the nation go green as far as food goes but I believe we would need to slowly implement such a change from a diet based so heavily on meat to a nice leafy diet. Personally, it would be hard for me but I have been slowly getting into fruits and vegetables more. In your opinion, how could we make people vegetarians (or just more green oriented) with salad being so much? That's the only reason I suggested something like the government stepping up to the plate. Making something less obtainable might make those leafy greens more appealing. Off to watch that video!

Thanks so much!! And thanks for being open minded enough to watch the video. I think you will likely find a lot of your questions there.

As I said, I think more people would be vegetarians first when they see what happens to the animals, and also when there is more support for it. People are what they eat after all. (The number of veg*ns) has grown dramatically! And actually, vegans and vegetarians don't eat just salads. We eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, buts, non dairy milks, mushrooms, and sometimes junk foods though lol.

I know the video I pointed you to is more so animal rights oriented, but this is just as important I think. To be more clear, veganism isn't about your health (although it's important to be healthy) but it's about the animals.However, there is undoubtedly some health benefits that come along with it. You definitely won't have to worry about cholesterol and I think if more people did this, undoubtedly obesity would decline as well. Things can work hand in hand. Treat animals respectfully and eat wholesome food from the earth instead of them, and nearly everyone will likely be happier. :)

You might like to check out the vegan food pyramid.


Also, you might like to join us on veggieboards, an all vegetarian forum. We talk about a lot of animal rights, health issues, and good food stuffs <3

Yes, i'm just waiting for the video to buffer now so I can listen to his lecture without interruption (slow computer!) I think different view points and perspectives are important for a group like this. I would love to check out those boards and get some food tips and try to pass them on. I think implementing some different diet plans, especially ones involving less meat, could do wonders. Again, thanks for being the first to post! Have a great evening and thank you for the links!

Oh yes, I can feel ya with slow internet and computer. Just give it around 30 minutes or so. Grab some unbuttered and unsalted popcorn or something. :)

Yep, might as well check around the boards while you wait or something haha. Quick link to them http://www.veggieboards.com

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