Was What I Saw On August 3rd Really Northern Lights?

I knew from the news that there was a huge geomagnetic storm from the solar blast on August 3rd. So that night, between 8:30 and 9:30pm I was looking out of my window. In the north-eastern horizon, I saw a small portion of green clouds slowly increasing in size, as if they were coming toward my direction. In just a matter of minutes though, the clouds decreased and then dissipated altogether. The greenish color was completely gone. 
Was what I saw a glimpse of northern lights?
I live in RI, about 41-42 degrees latitude. I'm not sure that northern lights reached this far south last night. But I was hoping that I had seen at least the edge of it or something.
What do you think??
DragonReborn DragonReborn
Aug 4, 2010