To See and Listen to the Northern Lights...

I found an incredible information piece on Youtube:

Can't wait to have this experience myself!
prairiezephyr prairiezephyr
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5 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thanks all. They are phenomenal to say the least, psychedelic on their own. I hope that we all get to see them in their glory one day.

only the fact that they exist is know....I don't know if I'm ever gonna see them....but I'd like to see greenland...or the northpole, alaska or something like that....on a ship with my girlfriend....she's not my girlfriend anymore so I guess I'll never see them... :(

You can't really hear them, they only make sound in the upper atmosphere. I've seen the northern and southern lights, they're pretty much the same. I live In alaska so I see them pretty often but I have to suffer the cold and darkness so I'd say it's not worth it. One time when I was taking psychedelics with a friend we drove up to the top of a dome and the lights were really low. They were white and we were high enough that it seemed we could see them almost to our left and right, almost like they were among us. It was really beautiful.

Every once in a while, they do show up down here in the Great Lakes region. Not with the brilliance shown in that YouTube vid, but clear enough that one know's what one is witnessing, and creates a lifelong memory.

I have always wanted to see them as well....that is on the to do list before I die....