Be Honest Even When It Hurts, I Can Take It, Some People Can't, Tough ****!

I try to be real, all the time. I appaulogize when I'm wrong, smile when I'm right. i could give a **** what anyone but my own think and it isn't easy.
I've been arrested for utterring death threats when I THOUGHT I was just warning people of the consequences of coming over uninvited. It may seem extreme but its the real me, i always do what I think is right, problem is if I think someone has been selfish or done me/us wrong I tell them and it gets me in trouble.
I never act on my prejudices because i know they are stupid even though my parents engrained them in me and I'm pleasantly surprised 99% of the time.
I have a really hard time with society and people who may do wrong because it is there job and they have to put food on the table. Crime pays too, take a pay cut and be a real person you selfish ******.
Heavydex Heavydex
31-35, M
Dec 15, 2012