I want to see things ppl have never or rarely seen before!!!!

I want to see the northern lights, i want to dive in the ocean, i want to see the coral reefs, i want to climb mountains, go caving, see the bottom of the ocean, etc etc!!!!! I want to experience things ppl never have before
And maybe even go to space if commercialized space becomes a thing
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Well... With the exception of the coral reefs I've been there and done that.. Hubby has gone diving in the reefs.. Anyway, I thought you might like to add cliff diving and standing under a waterfall to that list of yours. Breathtaking experiences they were.

Thx~ yup xP i really do want to experience the most breathtaking and exciting things in this world

Go for it. Do it while you are young.