Tori Amos - Manchester Uk 07'

I've loved Tori ever since I saw her on TOTP in 1998 with her single 'Spark'. She is my favorite artist and each concert I have been to has blown a hole in my pocket but it has been worth it!

I saw Tori Amos live this year for the 3rd time in Manchester and it was amazing :D I was gutted when I was late buying tickets so I got as much cash as I could and bought some tickets off Ebay. OMG. Let me tell you, I didn't realise they would be close but they were the closest I have ever been WOWWW.

Unfortunately I have never seen her for a meet and greet. At the end of the previous concert I went to she hurried onto the tour bus. I don't blame her though lol. Anyways, if I did meet her I don't even know what I'd say!!

I can't wait to see her again :D

So if you like Tori and have had any cool experiences then feel free to post on here. It doesn't necessarily have to be about concerts - I'd just like to see her again, she blows my mind on stage! :P

QoS ~
QueenOfSpades QueenOfSpades
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2007