Yay I Am Going to Show Off My Million Dollar Mansion!!!








I love living in there! =)

Floydian Floydian
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17 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Hhee!!! Thanks! :D

Hehe!! You can do whatever you want to..and I will put some music on too! =)<br />
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You know the sound of running water is heavenly! :D

Yep! its got all sorts of lights in it! =)

Hehe, its not a natural waterfall silly!<br />
<br />
Its an artificial one! =)

Yeah really..its not very big..but it is beautiful..i think so at least! =)

Yeah you hear me...

Hehe! =)<br />
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You know there is a waterfall inside too...and yeah a fountain too! =)

Hehehehe!!!!!<br />
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My cute little pup is doing that all the time, you will have a company! =)

Hehe yeah ann! Like they have a side staircase in hotels! :)<br />
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Hehe, yeah its massive LOL :P

Hehehe!!!!!!!! LOL<br />
<br />
You havent been inside yet... :P


Hehe!!!! terrace has 3 rooms too, but they are not good to live in! LOL<br />
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And its pretty simple really...there are stairs at one side just like you have in hotels! =)

Hehe, I will be there to guide you :D<br />
<br />
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We can have the ground floor to ourselves! :)<br />
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Thanks ann! :)

=)<br />
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My mum and dad designed the whole thing! :)

That's good taste .........I like the guy who looks like a ghost on the bike.....cool shot!!!!!!!

Yep come along, there is enough place to accommodate all! The basement is empty for the disc to be put up! =)<br />
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