Ok, This Is Going to Change, More Than 10 Times

my first attempt:

striking, confident, intelligent, silly, stylish, compassionate, original, entertaining,  open-minded, FREE.  

FiFiDelmar FiFiDelmar
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12 Responses Sep 1, 2008

compassionate?? you said that???

KOOKY!! one of my favorites!!!

ok, tonite's ten: soulful, intelligent, beautiful, responsible, Fabulous, creative, lost-in-music, direct, hopefull, silly!

because definining myself with ten mere words, is not possible. haha - i have many sides.

Thanks! Why are you changing it so often?

yeah - take it. like i said, it'll be changing.

Can I borrow your list?

thanks duckie, i think it's my life calling. SUPERSTAR. haha

i live on fantasy island! haha

i am a free spirit and luckily married someone that respected that freedom and has never been insecure or weak about it. it goes both ways, when you have two superstars. hahahahahaha

i know... i had, something like 30 - that kept getting whittled down. hahaha i think i'm everything, i guess. haha.

Confident, Loving, Giving, Caring, Sharing, Sensitive, Older,<br />
Fair, Considerate, Passionate, Humble, Thankful ... Sorry I just couldn't stop at ten ...<br />
<br />