In Fact....

I want to lick it.

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What is an uvula, he asks.... silly man.

is it okay if just watch?

Here we go again...naive Pix needs to Google another word LOL!!! ;-)

probably very true.... the accidental sight of a naked uvula is enough to send most men into perv heaven!

i think it was that, not the fact that i flashed him the other dd's that one time, obviously accidental....

Your mouth spelunker is really good when he uses the braille method ... with his tongue.

DIstracted by that double d uvula....

I loved my dentist...despite him stabbing my lip, I guess he got distracted

an otolaryngologist's wet dream....

Guess it's good when one dates a dentist who is a mouth spelunker.

Exactly.... an uvula to remember.....

All the frickin time

Oh, wow... I'll be guys just STARE at that uvula when they talk to you, huh lala? They never get their eyes up to meet yours....

*blush blush blush*

Mahoosive? I like that word..<br />
<br />
Hey everybody.... Lala has a double D uvula.... whoooo-hoooooo!

Isn't that what they call tonsil tennis?

Mine's enorous, no lies, my tonsils and stuff are mahoosive

Oh, wow... justpaul... that's a cute one!<br />
<br />
Lala... you KNOW I wanna see and lick yours...

Wanna see mine?<br />
<br />
Im sure there's a pic somewhere...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours....