Good Vibrations

It isn't something that I show to many people.  But those who have seen it say it's one of the best they've seen.  I check it from time to time in the mirror.  It's very pink and shiny and I love the way it vibrates when I scream.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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14 Responses Feb 23, 2010

hi<br />
anyone her who wants to show an uvula?<br />

you need someone to kiss it better pix ... ooh my!!

Sometimes my uvula gets sore!

yes steve ... it is magic.

yes dubkebab and saratoga ... bang bang shoot shoot !! haha

Oooooo, warm, wet, uvulas.... yes!!!!

lalalala...happiness is a warm...uvula,ahem...

No-one would want to hear my singing voice!!!

OMG! I am just ..... speechless... that uvula is.... beautiful... wow! You could be a centerfold in Otolaryngology Weekly!!!!!!

Ooo sounds sexy

Ringing operatic tones I gather.

Sounds fascinating Sahira!!

with pleasure sg ... shall I open wide?

oooo... sounds lovely.... I get all pervy over uvulas.... can I..... see?