Sending Out An S O S

I created this group inspired by the song Message in a Bottle by the Police


EP is such a lonely place to be sometimes  with so many lost souls who are hurt looking for friendship, love, connections. 

I hope that anyone that sends out a message in this group gets someone else to read the message they sent and gets rescued. 

denverguy denverguy
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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

it makes me sad that I created this group a couple years ago and not more people on EP caught on to the concept. I thought with as many lonely people out there this group would of took off like wild fire. :(

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When you get your message make sure the bottle gets recycled!!

you have a very kind heart

I'd like to send a message in a bottle too, but I worry about adding to the pollution problem.

did you think this a humorous response?
wrong moment...
when a person shares a lil piece of themselves, that is sacred...
finding joyinthejourney, clg