I Was Dominated

Over the years I have accumulated a large number of women friends many years older than I am. They range from 10-20 years older than I. Some I have seen naked others have seen me naked while others are simply friends who enjoyed my conversation.

Over several conversations with one of my friends the topic turned to sex. We flirted back and forth and I finally offered to perform oral sex on her if she was up to it. She was embarrassed and said that she could never do that with me because I'm younger and I probably would want a more younger woman who is better in shape. I told her that is not an issue for me but if it made her feel comfortable I would wear a blindfold and wait on the bed for her to show up. She laughed and said no. Over several weeks I would bring this up and tell her I will wait on the bed blindfolded if she ever wants to take me up on the opportunity.

One day she said she would like to take me up on the offer and asked if I would not touch her body. As mentioned before she was embarrassed that I would like a younger woman's body. I offered that she could tie my hands behind my back if it made it more comfortable for her. She said okay but if she shows up she may back out at the last minute.

That night I arranged for her to gain access to my house while I laid naked on my bed with the blindfold. She said she would take 5 minutes to get there yet it was almost 30 minutes. I assume she had backed out. Then I hear the front door open so I lay there on my bed silently with all the lights off except a night light. I heard her walk in the room but I could not see her because I have a blindfold on. I arranged for her to have a piece of rope so she can tie my hands which she did. With my hands secured behind my back i hear her removing her clothes. She leaned over to put her breasts into my mouth. She told me to suck on her nipples so I did. She had me suck her nipples for a while then she pulled away. I felt my **** get warm and realized she put her mouth on it and only gave it a few sucks then pulled away. I could feel her body get on top of mine, I could feel her legs wrapped around my body then sat there looking at me. She eventually moved herself up to position her ***** over my face. Slowly she began rubbing her **** across my mouth and face. As this went on she became more and more forceful.

Recall my hands are tied behind my back and I have no control over this. She basically had one leg on either side of my head as she rubs her ***** up and down my face. I could tell her hands are on my headboard while her legs are on either side of my face continuing to find he rhythm. Eventually she found her rhythm and I could hear her sounds excitement. I think the neighbors heard her sounds excitement also.

When she was finished I could hear her get off of me and get off the bed. She shuffled around some clothes. I could hear the front door open and close. So now I'm laying there with a rope tied around my hands and she's gone. The ropes were not very secure so I was able to release myself very easy. If I get a chance to do this again I think I will. I enjoyed this.
36-40, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

that's a great way to have fun - hope she came back for more.