Sincere expressions of Adoration

It has been one year since I have been on EP. It has been such a blast! What an exceptional reception and outpouring of participation I have enjoyed on this site with the most open and adventourous submissive around.

There are many dommes on this site. We all bring something different to the power exchange experience on EP. I have shared much about my interest, fantasies and experiences and discoveries as a dominant, and unsparing with my time and open about my passions.
              Throughout my time here, many have offered tributes, notes and EP ‘gifts.’ Some have expressed the wish to send a token or a real world present. Others desired to show through deeds that they are serious about pleasing me. In addition to that, many have asked if there was something that they could do, to show their adoration and servitude. Up until now, the answer has been “no.”

I am prudent and hesitant in sharing my address and, I would not be willing to compromise my personal safety and security for a tribute. But for any sub who wishes, I will share a link to my Amazon Wish List. Providing a Wish List for subs is new for me. So there are only a few items on it now, but like your **** when you read my stories, this list will certainly increase.
           Presenting a token is sincerely, a subservient gesture and is received as such. In speaking with a Femdom peer, she shared the fact that she has been offering a Wish List for years for subs and admirers. She advised, “Reverent behavior(s) should always be encouraged and expected. It is an intergral part of the power exchange experience. It should be permitted in all expressions.”

~Miss Z
Zanmi13 Zanmi13
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Goddess Zanmi13,
Please share YOUR amazon wishlist with me, if YOU approve. i would love to submit to YOU a token of my admoration. i certainly fully support and believe in FEMALE DOMINATION as a way of life!!
Sincerely & Submissively,
slave john


I look forward to many more years of reading your stories and experiences. May i please have the link to your wishlist.