It's the Ultimate Gesture of Love and Respect

 There have been so many people on here who have been kind and supportive of me. If I could only repay them(not that they ask for it), I'd serve a dinner for all of them.

I even started drawing up a list. Then I realized I didn't want to leave anyone out. It would be a big party. Imagine everyone sitting down together for a great dinner. How cool would that be?

So, instead of drawing up a list that excludes people. How about adding your name to a list that would include you?

penguinswon penguinswon
4 Responses Dec 7, 2008

I'm always up for a dinner party...meeting new people, good talk, good food....what's better

Oooh! Curry sounds good! Second that!

maybe instead of a list I should just post a menu.. two takers in a week? slim pickings

Thanks for letting me know this story was out here Carrot! Sometimes some really great stories get missed and I'm surprised I missed this one! This is such a great idea!<br />
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I'd love to go to a dinner party and be around all different kinds of EP people at a wonderful dinner. To have us all sit at the same table would be excellent! I'd bring some's tradition!<br />
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