As A Woman Shouldn't We Just Be Comfortable With Who And What We Are

We should be happy with who we happy in our what we look like, even that mole beside my ear.  I just wish that women could be happy with themselves.  There is so much on TV and in the media in general that is so phony.  We will never look like the airbrushed women on magazines.   Let's just love ourselves for who we are and it doesn't matter what size we are or what people think of us.  Let's love us as women. 

That's going to be my new goal and I hope that for every woman.  Throw out the magazines and just love yourself for who you are.

I spent almost all my life worrying about what I looked like.  Well I am who I am and I have accepted myself.  I wish all women would do that.  Stop trying to change who you are a woman, beautiful in every way and celebrate that!

TillieR TillieR
56-60, F
2 Responses May 4, 2010

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I like your attitude but don't like my ageing body at all.