One Year Ago

     Its been a year ago since i wrote my stories in this topic. I once said that i want to settle down with my boyfriend after two years, I wanted to have family with him. But I don't know want happened because my world turn around or i can just say that its like a whirlwind came in my life but that whirlwind was definitely the very good one. My old boyfriend was the one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life, but one day i woke up that our relationship turn to dull we wanted to save our relationship but its too late. After few months of break up I met someone his name is Michael Angeles David. I never thought that our friendship will turn to be a sweet and intimate one. I find him as my friend, brother, barkada and everything you wanted to look for a man, He showed my love for me in actions and in words. When Mike comes into my life, i suddenly felt that i'm losing my love to my ex-boyfriend because Mike showed me how to loved and be loved by a special person that doesn't need pressure on both sides. I don't understand why i just quickly forgot the loved i have to my ex-boyfriend for 5years. I dare to chose Mike rather than my ex that I knew for almost 17 years since we were young and 5 years being my partner or boyfriend. I don't know what will happen to me in choosing mike instead my ex .What happened to us was very fast. After 5months we planned to get married i never think twice to say yes to him even though i don't really know him well, because we only knew each other for 8months then after that we planned to get married. I just say yes, i don't know why maybe because i loved him for a very short time and i trust him for a very short time. We got married last March 21,2010. And we will have our baby, we both excited for his coming. After 5months of our marriage I' m so happy and we share our life to each other. I hope we will last our marriage to last forever.
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sorry if u got confused about my story... me and my ex boyfriend for five years broke up after that i met someone that i started to fall inlove then afterwards in a very short period of time we manage to get married and have a baby. and now we are 5months married.

I'm not trying to be rude - I'm confused about the ex-boyfriend...<br />
<br />
First you mention you wanted to settle down after two years - that was a year ago. Later you mention your ex boyfried of five years...<br />
<br />
what am I missing?