The Time Is Drawing Near.

I'm at a point in my life where I believe I'm ready to settle down with that special someone if I could only find her.  I no longer drink, do drugs, or party wildly, did that for many many years and have had enough.  I find myself mellowing with age which I never believed would happen to me. Recently there have been times when I'd go out on road trips to different parks and places of interest/beauty only to find myself thinking "Damn, if only I had someone to share this experience with".  I can envision myself as an old man with my old woman beside me in our rocking chairs on the porch rocking contentedly, I think it would be cool.

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you should try eharmony or friend of the family did that and was really happy

Yes I feel the same way..! My long to b with someone to except me for me and then for themselfs. I was married for 25 yrs But my husband had a very rare blood disorder that caused him to lose both arms and both legs durin our marriage SO I have been alone for 23 yrs I don't mean alone , Well I guess the best way to say this is we didn't sleep together. I took care of him for 25 yrs till the end..Which was 1half year ago.. He told me too go out and find someone to hav sex with and I said life is not all about sex yes it's importand but he could not help what was happenin to his body he had over 40 surgerys durin our marriage. Was I lonely yes has it been hard yes BUT to me what kind of person would that make me to go out and sleep with someone with no feelin behind it ,I just can't do that . When I married him he was able to walk and was only missin his hands at the time.. I would love to find someone to share my life with ,I don't need a man in my life to make me happy BUT I would love love to share my life with someone, But so many people seem to wanna change you after awhile , I mean when you meet someone and you become a couple yes there are habits that you may hav to adjust to but I would never try too change anyone I believe if you fall in love with someone don't try to change what you fell in love with them in the first place about..!! Like all the other women were sayin you do have a very good out look on life and I hope you find her seems you would make someone very happy just by the way you view things .Shaing to me is THE most impotant thing in life.. Take Care..Judy

me too :)

Thanx X

Thank you Bella!

Thanks ladies, but if I have you eating out of my hand why am I still alone?

Of course you realize talking like that ... that you have all us women eating out of the palm of your hand, right? Of course you do. <br />
<br />
Yeah ... someone to grow old with ... what a dream.

I love the way you express yourself,you seem like a very genuine,caring person and you are not afraid to let your feelings show. WHERE DO YOU LIVE?(JOKING)

awww, that's so romantic =) <br />
Hope you find that special someone soon.