I Feel The Need

I want and feel the need to dominate a man make him my little toy.To control to know what I say goes ,what ever it is.I would need to train him.to take care of all my needs.from doing my nail and all my groomings.to taking care of everthing.It would feel so powerful to control when where and how he has sex or even if he gets any.I don't want a sissyboy.but I do want him to lick me clean after my lovers are done cuming in my hot box.and he would also have to make sure all my dates and lovers are in line with when and where they need to be.and I would need this man to keep a journal of all my "dates"so he can remind me what each one likes.Yes I want and feel the need to dominate a man .
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I have had that job before and loved it and I am no sissyboy

Sounds like a sissy boy to me, I don't qualify, oh well