Okay... This Going To Be A Long List

1. Wild Things (this was the first sexual film I saw) I was 14 years old.

2. Scream Films(Well, I think Wes Craven is a great director. 

3. The Company(What can I say?) I like ballet.

4. Three To Tango( Matthew Perry  and Neve Campbell were  a hoot to watch)

5. 13 Going On 30( Jennifer Garner was a hoot too.)

6. Drowning Mona( This movie was a hoot too)

7. The Wedding Singer( I laughed and cried)

8. Titanic( I didn't cry when I saw in the theater) I think did cry when I saw it again. I can't remember.

9. A Walk To Remember( I read the book) I cried when I read that book.  I saw the movie too. I cried. I'm not much of a cried now but I used to cried when I was younger. Like when I went down  the zip line when I was in Grade 7. That was in Camp.

10. Shrek Movies( Mike Meyer was a hoot too.)

11. Panic

12. I really Hate My Job

13. Roman Holiday

14. Sound of Music

15. 54

16. Last House on The Left

17. My Bloody Valentine

18. Loin King 2 Simbar's Pride

19. Ten Things I hate about you.

20. Save The Last Dance

21. The Wedding Planner

22. Enough

23. Angle Eyes

24 .Serendipity

25. Teaching Miss Tangle

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

no problem.

Thanks for sharing, I'll check these two out, I am sure they with worth the time

Well. To me. I don't know about other people.

Such a great list, I have not seen "I really Hate My Job", and "Panic". But judging from the rest of the collection they must be good movies as well