In No Definite Order....

1.) Deformative-The Black Eyes

2.) Whiskey in the Jar-Metallica

3.) Mad World- Tears for Fears


5.)Cereal Wars-AFI

6.)Mexican Radio-Authority Zero


8.)Roots Radical-Rancid

9.)The Stories are True-Tim Armstrong

10.)Time Bomb-Rancid

11.)Cross Roads-The Explosion

12.)Save me-Shinedown

13.)Youth of the Nation-POD

14.)Shiela Take  a Bow- The Smiths

15.)Sow Me Love- TATU

16.)The Con- Tegan and Sara

17.)Teenage Queen-Aiden

18.)We're Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister


20.)Fire-Jimi Hendrix

21.)One,Bourbon,One Scotch, and One Beer- George Thouroughgood

22.)Does the Lion City Still Roar?-Less Than Jake

23.)Shes Gonna break Soon- Less Than Jake

24.) Sweating Bullets- Megadeth

25.) No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room-Chiodos

26.) Scream-Tokio Hotel

27.) Lean on Sheena-Bouncing Souls

28.) Do you Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio- The Ramones

29.) The Kids Aren't Alright-The offspring

30.) Your Little Hoodrat Friend-The Hold Steady

31.) Tell me that Your Alright-Motion City Soundtrack

32.) Blood Red Summer- Coheed and Cambria

33.)Wake Up- Coheed and Cambria

34.)Blue Jeans-Silver Tide

35.) Is it Progression if a Cannibal Uses a Fork- Chiodos

36.) Remember the Name- Fort Minor

37.)Outlaw-The Lords ft. Tim Armstrong

38.)Fallen Angels-Ra

39.)Broken Hearted Soul-Ra

40.)Gangsters and Thugs-The Transplants

41.) Fall bak Down- Rancid

42.) Ohio is For lovers- Hawthorne heights

43.) Another Brick in The Wall-Pink Floyd

44.) Life in the Fast Lane-

45.) FLying High Again- Ozzy

46.) All These Things-Bullet For My Valentine

47.) All the Small Things- blink 182

48.) Down-blink 182

49.) Right Side of the Bed- Atreyu

50.)Helena- The Misfits

51.) Cry Little Sister- Aiden

52.)I'll Melt With you- The Cure

53.) Rootops- Mest

54.) Rooftops-Lost Prophets

56.) My heroine- Silverstien

57.) Smile In you Sleep- SIlver Stein

58.)No Woman No Cry- Bob Marley

59.) All That I've Got- The Used

60.) I've Seen better Days- Sublime

61.)November Rain- Guns'n' Roses

62.) What I've Got-Sublime

63.) Punks Unite-The Casualties

64.)Dig up her Bones- The Misfits

65.) Turn The Page- Metallica

66.) Adrenaline-12 Stones

67.) Through the Glass- Stone Sour

68.) Any Day- Typical Cats

69.) California Sun- Rancid

70.)Institutionalized-Suicidal Tendencies

71.) Emergency-Paramore

72.) Pack of Wolves-The Black Eyes

73.) Killing Lonliness- HIM

74.)Who Killed Mr. Moonlight-The Bauhaus


76..)Rich Girls, Poor Girls-Everybody Else

77.)Capitol G-Nine Inch Nails

78.)This Is The New Shi*-Marilyn Manson

79.)So Many People-Nuerosonic

80.)Subzero-Nine Inch Nails

81.)Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie

82.) Jesus of Suburbia-GreenDay

83.)Make you Smile-Plus 44

84.) Buried myself Alive- The Used

85.) The Future Freaks me Out- Motion City Soundtrack


87.)Rebel Yell- Billy Idol

88.)Red hot Moon-Rancid

89.)The Story Of my Life-MxPx

90.) Far Behind- Social Distortion

91.) Saints Of Los Angeles-Motley Crue

92.) Wild Side- Motley Crue

93.) There's A Class For This-Cute is What We Aim For

94.)Shockwave-Black Tide

95.) Bye Bye Beautiful-Nightwish

96.) Diamonds-Breathe Carolina

97.)Crown of Thorns-Social Distortion

98.)When the Angels Sing-Social Distortion

99.)We Sleep Forever-Aiden

100!)California Babylon-The Transplants

welp that is all, 100 songs that i absolutely love.

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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12 Responses Apr 14, 2009

you listen to the black eyes?!?!? you are thesecond person that i know that listens to wow.

im not really sure what i believe in. its not that i dont believe in marriage i guess, its just that i never have any intention of getting married.

if you dont mind me asking, you may not believe in marriage but what do you believe in?

sorry if i crushed your hopes or whatever. =+]<br />
your still totally rockin tho'. =+]


lol. i gotta say that i dont really believe in marraige to be honest but

i think you have perfect taste, marry me?

lol. gee thanx Artistaeli. yeah it was pretty time comsuming tho'.lol.

gee thanx. constructve crtsm s always welcome tho'... what exactly s so bad about t?

you have bad taste

lol.... thanx, you must have a great taste in<BR>yeah i really like that song too, its not my absolute favorite but its really rockin'.lol...

The songs you have listed here are great !<br />
<br />
HIM - Killing Loneliness is my favorite song ever! <br />
<br />
And the songs at 4, 28, 36, 46, 58, 63, 65, 71 are just awesome [some of my fav songs too]<br />
<br />
You did really good job ^_^