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I wanted to compare from last January's to now.

1.Should be in bed but I'm procrastinating
2. Am a vegetarian but will eat meat if I can't be accommodated
3. Lost 30 pounds but can't loose anymore
4. Still love chocolate but only eat it once in awhile
5. Think I am horrible mom and am scared I will never change
6. Really love tea and am craving a scone right now
7. Don't think about sex as much as I used to
8.I am a writer and runner in my blood, if I don't do either I am depressed
9. Loooooove massages because I have a bad back
10.Know someone who is evil in a high government position
11. Really love Indian food and Pho
12. I don't eat out much anymore so I love soul food and tacos
13. Value integrity over looking sane
14.Have been in therapy for a looooooong time
15. Want to be head over heals in love
16. Really want to loose weight
17.Can't wait to find friends who match where I am in life
18. Think I am pretty
19. Know a lot about skincare
20. Do hair and makeup really well even though I never do it
21. Have finally really, truly, realized that good people are the most important things in life
22. Had an epiphany of where I am going in life and finally understood my struggles
23. Am on the computer waay too much seeking affirmation
24. Want to travel and plan to soon
25. Wish I could find a decent babysitter
26. Have learned to appreciate organization
27. Recycle
28. Love to vacuum
29. Watch family shows
30. Wish I had more money to give my son better experiences
31. Started a NPO
32. Wish I owned a house
33. Wish I owned a Prius
34.Bootleg new movies
35. Credit score is 575
36. All my furntire is black, cream, or satin nickel/chrome
37. Wish I had more art
38. Have a HUUUUUUUUUGE amazon wishlist
39. Eating ice cream with my son while walking through the park is the best thing in the world
40. Drink ALOT of vitamin water
41. Bio friendly
42. More spiritually in tune than last year
43. Am dying for my big break in Hollywood
44. Don't want to be a famous actor, I just want to act professionally w/o drama
45. Thinks Brittany Murphy was killed
46. Really didn't care much for Michael Jackson, he was molested by his dad which was sad but he didn't need to molest those kids
47. Wonder what my son will grow up to be
48. Wish I had a toy box for my son
49. Really like looking at stars
50. Am reading four books at once but some how they all contain the same info
51. Take pride in my growth
52. Like butterflies
53. Neglect my garden because it's too hot
54. Haven't been lied to in awhile because I choose different people now
55. Am less anxious in my ability to handle life's challenges
56. Miss my brothers
57. Made a better life my family than my mom did for me
58. If nothing else happens more then 57 in my life, I would be okay with that
59. Look like am a little girl even though I am going to be 30 soon
60. Really scared to turn 30
61. Learned to be grateful
62. Am only 6 mos away from finally having the length of hair I want
63. Like Sudoku
64. Think google voice is awesome
65. Really can't wait to get the EVO
66. Watching Dr. Oz has really changed my habits
67. Am starting to really understand the gravity of my ancestry and the social setting I was born into
68. Need more tea
69. Great cook but too tired to cook anymore
70. Find bliss in the simple foods my son eats
71.Learned to be accepting but set boundaries at the same time
72. Wish I could thank everyone who has influenced my life that is now dead
73. Wonder who my mother would became if she wasn't pchizo or had gotten proper help
74. Wonder if Regan now realizes the mistakes he made
75. Am voting for Jerry Brown
76. I am huge California girl but would like to live somewhere else part time
77. Have cravings to be kissed
78. Can not be disturbed during my creative process
79. Really could use a mommy break
80. I never sleep because I'm scared my son will get hurt
81. Fought for my son against a government and won!
82. Am very simple but yet can be so complex
83. Thinking about grilled cheese and tomato soup right now
84. Need to find better ways to relieve stress
85. Wish I had a better family but grateful that I don't
86. Am really curious how I will turn out
87. Can't wait to get highlights
88. Being a cali chic I have always wanted to learn to surf
89. I am really scared of Texans
90. Still have a shoe fetish and a serious drive for more
91. Miss wearing jewelry
92.Am getting THR for free and I know they will charge me soon
93. Sometimes I want to kiss so badly I suck my finger
94. Have no stretchmarks from being pregnant
95. Wish I could wave a magic wand and make my extended family like each other more
96. Wish I could wave a magic wand and make my son's family like me more
97. Getting very sleepy
98. Completed this list in less than 20 min
99. Wish my neighbors were quieter ...good thing I'm not having sex
100. Can't wait to be more comfortable with my life
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About # 74.... I didn't realize Reagan was shot by a schizo...before my time.