100 Things About Me.

1. I am very lonely
2. I hold a grudge over my ex who brought me to a new state and lost interest in me
3. We just let go of a 5 year relationship
4. I am almost completely alone in Kentucky.
5. I am sick of being nice to people, I get walked all over.
6. I just got laid off.
7. I have no life, Ive been working since 9 years of age.
8. I am going to go against my will and reap benefits of unemployment.
9. I want to be a nurse for awhile.
10. I have a an embarrasing delicate digestive system.
11. I am scared to go to a job where I am treated badly.
12. I also have social anxiety.
13. I wear alot of black to be un noticed and cover up my body.
14. I pick my skin on my arms, they are covered with scabs, its a disorder.
15. I have a fake relationship with my mom; It goes both ways unfortunately.
16. I dont know my father.
17. I watch surgery videos on youtube, I kinda want to be a surgeon.
18. I hate flip flops.
19. I lived a sex less marriage type relationship for almost 2 years.
20. I am still friends with my ex, and it hurts.
21. I want to go out and date.
22. I dont have any confidence in myself.
23. I can be very mean to very mean people.
24. I dont like judging people.
25. My pet snake has brought me the most comfort in the past 2 years.
26. I am a libertarian.
27. I dont own a gun because Im afraid of what I might do with it.
28. I am addicted to starbucks.
29. I have gained 60 lbs over the 3 bad years of my relationship.
30. I cry daily.
31. I think of sex often.
32. I wish I could just leave.
33. My ex says my low confidence ruined us alot.
34. I could push him off a bridge for it.
35. My mom married a guy who I wish was my biological father.
36. Im not a vegetarian, but I dont buy meat, and love tofu.
37. I drive a Mustang GT and feel like a badass sometimes.
38. I hate the color yellow, except on my Mustang.
39. I dont have a normal sense of humor.
40. I dont have or want any tattoos.
41. Im really good at designing buildings.
44. Im scared to pursue architecture education.
45. I tan.
46. I hate people who pursue bipartisanship politics.
47. I dont understand why so many people go to college for art.
48. I think the beach is the most healing wholesome place for me to be.
49. I was a told by my mom I was ungrateful to her for being born and a burden my entire life until I moved away.
50. I hate war, I hate war for oil, I hate Bush, and I hate Obama for continuing this war.
51. I believe in the free market.
52. I have natural medium ash blonde hair, I normally wear it natural red.
53. I try to follow my Dosha in Ayurveda.
54. I go to sleep watching Lord of the Rings every night.
55. I love pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc.
56. I am a realist.
57. I am a nudist.
58. I am an emetophobiac.
59. I am 23 and usually cant stand people my age or younger.
60. I have an old soul.
61. My dad physically and mentally abused my brother throughout his life.
62. I think moving to Florida is the answer to my problems.
63. I want to study abroad in Germany, Ireland, India and South America
67. I am a very good cook.
68. I love sexuality.
69. I hate the 69 position.
70. My name is not Molly.
71. I love stingrays.
72. I dont speak unless spoken to.
73. I have been on the depo provera shot for 7 years.
74. I am scared to death of having children.
75. I am bad at mailing holiday cards.
76. I love to throw things away.
77. I know all most all of Rammsteins songs in English and German.
78. I am turned on by German men. o.O
79. I smoke when I get stressed out and pissed off, but Im not addicted.
80. I love the smell of cigars.
81. I keep my money in an old wooden cigar box.
82. I have eyes that change colors, they are always grey-blue-green-yellow-light silverish
83. I regret cutting my hair.
84. I am a bit torrent junkie.
85. I dont watch television, at all.
86. My favorite song is "Gods gonna cut you down" by Johnny Cash
87. I do not believe in god.
88. I am an atheist that believes the world is just bad and goes unpunished.
89. I was tormented in elementary school.
90. I went to therapy for it.
91. My mom blamed me for others actions and hurtful words on me.
92. I can not stand loud obnoxious people.
93. Someday I wish to have a "stuart little" family, just like the movie.
94. I will probably end up rich, over educated, owns everything, and completely alone.
95. I hate cops and police brutality.
96. I love naked women, but am not gay or bisexual.
97. I love the color blue.
98. I burn ALOT of incense.
99. If I could pull of what they did in Fight Club at the end...I probably would do it.
100. I love the smell of hair dye.
Mollybaby Mollybaby
22-25, F
Aug 5, 2010