Lets Give This A Try

okay i might not get through this but ima try

1. i realllly wanna be happy
2.im usally not
3.im what alot of people would call damaged goods
4.i like black
6 im 16
7 i missed 5
8 i have an older bro
9 i love my friends very much
10 i love cutting and changing my hair
11 i am very senstive so it easy to upset me so please dont
12 i really i wish i had a mom that was there
13 im not a virgn
14 i wish i was
15 i am an artist
16 i dont really fit at skool
17 i also dont do that well in skool
18 i like picking my scabs
19 i was raised by my dad
20 my goal is to be a vegatarin
21 i suck at spelling
22 all my goal dont involve school
23 i am confused
24 i dont really noe what lifes about
25i love haloween
26and christmas
27 i dont belive in god
28 i speak my mind im srry if it borthers you
29 its pree hard to get to now me if u met me in person
30 ive known my best friend since grade 1
31 make love not war <3
32 i wanna kitty
33 i struggle with selfharm (cutting burning)
34 i hate nikelback
35 i want marliyn manson
36 my fav movie is the brave little toaster :)
37 sex means nothing if u dont love the person ur sleeping with
38 i have alot of regreats
39 the biggest thing i want more then anything is a real mom if u find out who i am i will deney this
40 i am the **** up in my fam
41 most people dont understand me
42 im usally hard to read
43 i live in the libeary call me a nerd i dont care
44 im reading harry potter
45 i am olaying marry **** kill on msn
46 i am taking anti depressat that arnt working
47 im thinking i might need to go to rehab for SH cuz nothing is working
48 i dont like my toes
49i scrathed a bug bit and now it hurts
50 i think ************ is icky lol
51 i dont drink milk
52 i also hate dairy
53 i feel like im a nice person
54im tired
55but i cant sleep
56 i get nightmares
57 i like spiders
58 i have a blog msg me and i will give it to you
59i dont like pervs
60 i had a teddy i brought everywhere till i was 11
61 ive been left alone while on shrooms it was scary
62 i love my dog
63 i miss the old times
63 i think i will only go too 70
64 i love reading
65 im running out of things
66 i am trying to heal
67 i am sucidal
68 i wish iwasnt
69 i let a person take over my life
70 i need to be me
71 i dont like giving up
72 i love to write
73 i like camping
74 i love that bein nervous
75 i love rain
76 i love jumping into freezing water
78 i live in canada
79 right now im happy
80 in 2 hours i doubt i wtill be
81 i like the runaways
82 im diffrent
83 i wish dreams came true
84 my brother has a persontly disorder
85 if he found out i said that he wwould probs hit me
86 i wish i had a normal family
87 i like the colour purple
88my rooms is a room a sleep i that all
89 i dont like me
90 i wish i coujld fly
91 i have a good realnship with my gramma
92 i have a 11 who really ****** me off
93 i love fantasy movies but hate fantasy books
94 i dont now if i wanna go to collage
95 i like music
96 my ipod broke
97 its been hard
98 im kinda shy
99 but not at the same time
100 im a facebook addict
i did it yaya

nicky9090 nicky9090
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 30, 2010

aww thanks haha

lol i like your 100 things i find you pretty interesting :)