100 Extremely Provacative Things You Probably Don't Need To Know

1. I make mistakes, big ones.
2. I am bitter more often than not.
3. I fake smiles and hugs.
4. I don't really believe I have friends.
5. I'm actually okay with that fact.
6. I have a mask that I wear, I wonder what age I'll stop using it.
7. I absolutely love dirty little secrets.
8. I love being thin.
9. I embrace the time I get alone.
10. I miss my ex on occasion.
11. The sound of silence is the music to my ears.
12. I have night terrors every night.
13. Most of them are about the time I was raped.
14. The rest are very surreal and often about other people being tortured.
15. I believe every person on earth is a ******* liar.
16. I think it's because people are afraid of speaking truth.
17. I'm guilty of that myself.
18. I often feel there is little point in life.
19. If cigarettes were not so damned bad for me, they'd be my best friend.
20. I'm happy on occasion and really try to embrace those days.
21. I think people that gloat about how fast they can get themselves off are missing the point of ************.
22. On that note, it takes me at least 20 long, delicious minutes to get myself to *******.
23. I can say that with pride because EP is ******* amazing like that.
24. I have an amazing figure. I can say this because it's true.
25. I get hit on at least twice a day.
26. I never show interest.
27. Beautiful minds make my heart feel full.
28. I have only met a fair few.
30. I laugh at peoples pain on occasion. Its an innate trait built in me. I can't help it.
31. I can out ***** any one female. You think you're clever? Just wait and see *winks*
32. I don't have a family.
33. I don't even have a pet.
34. I don't care to talk to others about my misfortune.
35. I lost my son at an early age. It hurts every day.
36. I think marriage is equivalent to suicide.
37. I find it interesting that most people spend their lives trying to find love.
38. I find it even more interesting that most people spend that time being envious of what others have.
39. I observe carefully.
40. I honestly don't give a **** what people think of me.
41. I think people that need weed and alcohol to have a good time are worthless.
42. I love being drunk.
43. I'm a hypocrite.
44. I communicate better in person than in writing.
45. I think jealousy makes the world go round.
46. I think all people are selfish and greedy.
47. I don't care about money or power.
48. I've never voted in my life.
49. I have a lot of hate in my heart.
50. I'm afraid of death.
51. I'm still waiting for that special person to show me I'm wrong about life.
52. I'm almost positive that it wont happen.
53. I will leave this earth having made some sort of impact.
54. If it comes down to being the worlds biggest fool, so be it.
55. I have admitted all of these things at least once in my life.
56. I believe having another child would be pushing my son's memories away.
57. I miss my son every single day.
58. I ran away from home.
59. I'm making it on my own, but I struggle every day.
60. I would love to make out with my boss, just once.
61. When I dance, I dance hard.
62. I remember my past lives.
63. This is the most honest I've been in one sitting.
64. I think children are amazing, but they grow up to be ****** like me and you.
65. I have an accent.
66. You'll never know what kind.
67. I don't trust men.
68. Seriously, men over the age of 30 scare the **** out of me.
69. My eyes are like blue fire.
70. I don't like to be ogled.
71. I never wear revealing clothing.
72. Unless I'm out to kill
73. My hands are my favorite feature.
74. I've died. Twice.
75. Sometimes I just want to move away, escape, and start anew.
76. I know I'm too chicken **** to do that again.
77. I wish people were more honest with me, I'd be more likely to be honest that way.
78. My favorite conversations are mysterious ones.
79. I will never let anyone tell me what to do. Dominating is my job.
80. People, in person, see me as an innocent woman.
81. *smirks*
82. I have very long, black hair.
83. I've been engaged before.
84. I still have the ring.
85. I tend to belittle individuals when insulted. Another innate trait I can't seem to shrug.
86. It used to be very hard for me to say no.
87. I can say it now with pride.
88. I think religion is a fantasy.
89. I also second guess that statement sometimes.
90. I have never, not once, broken a bone.
91. I have cut myself, though, many times.
92. I'm too old for that bullshit now.
93. I rarely feel sorry for people.
94. I'm aware that this entire list is pretty negative.
95. I miss kissing.
96. I believe perception is the key to life.
97. I believe communication is an addiction.
98. I've only made love once in my entire life.
99. I've only been in love once.
100. I'm trying to find it again.
MissMoxy MissMoxy
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4 Responses Apr 28, 2011

You're amazing, hahah. Thank you for your comment.<br />
You're 30, so no worries there!<br />
<br />
I like that you listed the things you liked.

I am over 30, but I promise you are safe, MissMoxy.<br />
<br />
Many of your numbered "things" certainly provoked a reaction in me -particularly numbers 12 and 13, 35, 67 and 68, which provoked immense sadness..<br />
<br />
Others -such as 27, 36 , 77 and 96 -provoked me to say "Yes!" and 97 provoked a "No!"<br />
<br />
So yeah, overll, your list was pretty provocative.

Revealing, hunny. <br />
It was a word I liked and felt described some of the things I'd listed.

I don't get it: How is this provocative?