How Hard Is This!!!

Gosh 100 is alot but ok here we go

1 I got married when i was 19 we seperated 14 years later
2 I have blond hair and blue eyes i weigh 60 kilos and am 1.76 meters tall
3 i have a brain tumour its been there for 3 years and scares the hell out of me
4I have 2 kids there names are James and Gypsy-Mae James is chronically ill
5 I am stuck living in Melbourne and hate it
6 I fall in love to easy
7 i laugh when im scared or embaressed
8 my favourite alcholic drink is V'erve
9 i suffer severly from depresson and anxiety
10 my hands shake most of the time im not sure why
11 i was a meth addict for around 6 years i gave it up when i was diagnosed with my brain tumour
12 my favourite colour is pink
13 my favourite animal is seals
14 my favourite place is seaworld
15 my favourite thing to do is spend time with my kids
16 i love the beach
17 i miss the Gold Coast like crazy
18 my favourite jewellery comes from tiffany or pandora
19 i am a bit of a loner at times i crawl into my shell
20  I am close to my parents but they drive me crazy
21 I have one brother but i have found out reacently that he is only my half brother (it doesnt make a difference)
22 i take either 1 or 2 xanax a day to combat my anxiety
23 i was only born because my brother died of cotdeath
24 I adore my ep friends but feel bad because i cant spend alot of time on here
25 my mum has 12 brothers and sisters
26 my dad has 13 brothers and sisters
27 growing up the relatives we spoke to only had sons so i was the only girl with heaps of boy cousins
28 i have had an abortion that i have regreted since the day i had it
29 im very passionate
30  i used to get angry very easy but now i dont
31 im tired all of the time
32 im sick of worry
33 im sick of stress
34 i have tried to commit suicide
35 i hate the EP perves
36 I dont understand how people can set out to hurt each other whats the point
37 I love french food
38 i hate that people live in poverty cant we all help each other
39 i dislike people when they think they are better than others
40 i hate  negaivity
41 i drink coke like its water
42i want a man to make love to me properly
43 i love to cook
44 i hate housework but always seem to be doing it
45 im sad
46  i hate the shade black
47 i love bright colours
48 my cousin recently tried to sleep with me now he is stalking me cause i said no yuck
49 i love sunshine
50 i think tom cruise is still good looking
51 i dont really know what it is like to be happy
52 i love the tv show master chef
53 i detest war
54 i could never kill anything
55 i love to help people
56 i have been hurt
57 i have  been loved by someone i didnt love
58 i wish i did more in my life
59 i want to quit smoking
60 i dont drive
61 i have seizures
62 i want to get fit
62 i was a nurse
63 i am now home fulltime as a carer for my son
64 i always feel like people are judging me
65 I always feel like i dont fit in
66 I always trust the wrong people
67 i justwant to be like everyone else
68 i did well at school
69 i lost my verginity when i was 15
70 i get drunk on 3 glasses of wines
71 i hope my kids are happier than me when they grow up
72 i dont take critisism well
73 my best friends on EP are Elfingsong and MZD
74 i love to shop
75 i love make up
76 i suffered from anorexia as a teen
77 i need some effection
78 i worry all the time
79 i love the AFL team the goldcoast suns
80 i love the rugby team the titans
81 i dont understand golf it bores me
82 i was asked to play state basketball at 16
83 i coach my daughters netball team
84 i work at the school canteen
85 i hate backstabers
86 i love blue skys
87 i hate horror movies
88 i love to read
89 i love david strassmen the commedian
90 i had bad acne on my forhead as a kid
91 i wish i was ritch
92 this is one of the hardest things to do
93 i am spiritual not religious
94 i dont like it when people try to shove there religious beliefs on others
95 dont like the fact that kids get sick
96 hate when one of my kids are upset i want to take away all there hurts
97 i love the tv show cake boss
98 have a strange reaction to medications
99 i love bulldogs
100 i want everyone to like me but i know its not possible
gypsymae gypsymae
31-35, F
5 Responses May 3, 2011

I like you for sharing and wish you and your kids well. Thank you.

Hi Gypsy!<br />
So I read your list! Wow! How long did that take? :)<br />
<br />
I agree with you on the following numbers!<br />
14, 16! I love Seaworld and the Beach!!!!<br />
32, 33.. worry and stress SUX!<br />
38,39 I hate that we have homeless and hungry peeps and I hate that people feel superior to others!<br />
40, 44.. I hate negative attitudes.. they are tiring! and I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning!! it never ends!<br />
52.. love that show too.. love all kinds of cooking related shows. top chef, master chef, Hell's Kitchen!! :)<br />
54.. I can't kill anything either.. I feel bad killing nasty bugs.. usually I try to get them outside!! <br />
70.. Im a Cheap drunk!<br />
100.. I want everyone to like me also.. but I guess that is just not possible all the time! :(<br />
<br />
Loved your list! Thanks for sharing!!<br />

What I would like to do is to come back here at some later date and see an updated list from you. You have some wonderful things here on your list and others that are problematic; none of us are without problems and issues gypsymae. But you have a wonderful outlook on life and it is this that will carry you through and take you from strength to strength. And that is why it would be a good exercise to write your 100 list again at a time set by you. Another year, two years, three years ... whatever and without looking back at this list. Any my guess is that if you were to do this, that you would be very surprised to see your accomplishments at that time.<br />
<br />
((HugSS) gypsymae<br />
<br />

thanks jimmy your one of my newest friends but you are quickly becoming one of my best once i know my son has a future than im hoping that i will get my sparkle back but at the moment im just plain old scared

A lot if fun stuff in your list, but you also seem prone to getting a tad down... I don't know if it was already suggested to you -and if you have the time- but yoga could help you relax some... you absolutely deserve to relax, gypsymae...<br />
And you certainly deserve a thumbs-up for the way you care about people and more specifically your son : )<br />
*warm hugs*