I Live In Baghdad, Iraq , Ooops I Didn't Count That

1.i'm a college student
2.ma fav. colour is purple
3.i stay in ma bejama the whole day sometimes
4.i'm addicted 2 movies
5.i don't drink coffee at the morning
6.i prefer flowers rather than chocolates 
7.i have dark brown eyes
8.i don't believe in love at the first sight
9.i'm the eldest child
10.i believe in miracles
11.i love ma parents
12.i prefer 2 have ma hair long
13.i think its fun 2 write this list
14.i rarely chew gum
15.i sleep silently
16.my 21'b day is 29 this month lol cant wait
17.I like the feeling of being up early in the morning
18.I can get along with almost anyone if I put my mind to i
19.i hate pigs
20.i believe in soul mates
21.i like wearing short black skirts :-)
22.i forgive but i cant forget
23.i speak English as a second language
24.i don't know whats the pleasure ppl get when they curse
25.i eat peach a lot
26.i cant get over ppl easily
27.i don't find trouble talking with strangers
28.i think Matthew Macconaughey is HOT
29.i like Emo stuff
30.i'm listing 2 Rihanna ''unfaithful''
31.i don't believe in Alians
32.i love newborn babies
33.i hate lazy ppl
34.i like horses
35.i'm not perfect till u fall in love with me lol
36.i watch the Doctors a lot
37.i'm not allergic 2 anything, don't have any phobia
38.i used 2 wear glasses
39.i collect snow globs
40.i'm happy when my music is load
41.i think old couples r the cutest thing ever
42.i always wanted 2 have ma own beauty shop
43.i never take a person 4 granted
44. i like tall guys
45. bcz i'm short lol
46.i wear sliver Accessories
47.i cant stand ppl who have much ego
48.i'm a Sagittarius
49.i aim 2 master English language
50. i'm half way done
51.i love everything about rainy weather
52.i believe in God
53.i want 2 be a mom one day
54.i can be friends with ppl who completely different from me
55.i believe that long distance relationships wont last long
56.i adore butterflies
57.My blood type is O positive
58.i play need 4 speed lol
59.I like having the place around me tidied and organized but I cannot always keep it this way
60.i had a crush on ma high school teacher
61.I can hide my feelings when I choose to
62.I try to give the impression that I am bold. But deep inside, I am shy
63.i watch cartoons
64. i'm a winter person , i hate summer
65.I do not care how people think of me; a sinner or a saint. I’ve been having this attitude since I was 16 years old. I care only for my close family’s opinion and very close friends
66.i don't fear heights, dark places, spiders, mice, horror movies
67,i don't support gay rights
68.i love surfing but never tried it
69.i'm learning french
70.i have small hands lol
71.most ppl love my smile
72.my fav. movie ''city of angles'', tv show '' Grays anatomy''
73.i don't judge ppl i don't know
74. i hate hangin out with gossip girls
75.i love 2 play truth or dare
76. i miss my tree house
77.i didn't know where babies come from till i'm 14 lol
78.i don't miss him i miss what i thought he is
79.i don't regret things bcz nobody forced me 2
80.i love 2 decorate my house
81.i like guys with light beard
82.i write in my wrests and hands
83.i wish i know how 2 play guitar
84.i'm single and i don't have a boyfriend lol
85.i worked in a pharmacy once
86.i don't have assurance
87.i want 2 try yoga
88.i don't cry much
89.i don't like askin ppl 4 help
90.i learn from my mistakes
91.I have the habit of reading e-mails from “Sent Items.”
92.i love 2 read Jain Austin novels
93.I wonder if anyone is actually going to read all of these
94.I rarely remember my dreams after I wake up
95.I tend to annoy my mom with strange noises I like to make
96.i want it all or nothing at all
97.i don't like wearing high heels too often
98.i believe in the power of a hug 
99.i love 2 walk a lot
100. lol i finally made it , i thought it would be hard talking about myself ,but after this list i know i was wrong :-)
and i really live in Baghdad, Iraq lol
thesilentflower thesilentflower
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you can call me 009647813346814

hahahhahahahah <br />
me too 77 lol :))

lol hate it when i remember lol


hahahha thanx Raja thats so sweet of u 2 say that ,,and yeah theres no doubt about that ,,and u r a smart person 2 recognize all that lol

101. You are sweet though...<br />
102. You are a good thinker<br />
103. You are good because you love yourself<br />
104. You have good manners in writing<br />
105. You are straightforward girl<br />
106. You have casual style <br />
107. You introduce yourself very well<br />
108. You are friendly<br />
109. You are patient<br />
110. And you are living in Baghdad, Iraq ...no doubt about that..... lol...... :)

lol thanx Handsomedisaster im happy that u liked it ;-)

be a translator lol

what is your Favorite job in future?

is that realy your photo?

no its not lol its just a random one

is that realy your photo?

is that realy your photo?

lol we will play it some time then :-0

lol thats so sweet of u ,, i'll help u write ur 100 sentence don't worry friend

i believe in the power of a hug <br />
Yes You know very about yourself even i cannot write all this 100 sentence for myself but i can write for other people like flower

u r kind ,, u know ,,even though u r lazy i wont hate u friend lol
and btw,, i will miss u

lol thanx hun ,, thanx 4 readin it hahah :-)