Stuff About Me! 100 Of Course!!

1. People call me the white black girl or "oreo" all the time
2. My all time favorite animal is the tiger
3. I am the baby of the family AND the only girl (yup I'm spoiled but I'm not a brat girl scout honor)
4. I hate taking pictures
5. Even though I hate taking pictures I've always wanted to be a model (crazy I know)
6. Speaking of being a model, I am waaayyy to short to be a model (5'1 1/2 to be exact)
7. My favorite meal is spaghetti
8. I get made fun of because I still call my mom "mommy" and my dad "daddy"
9. I went rafting in september and it was FREAKIN' AWESOME!!
10. I know where I was born but I don't know where I'm from (if that makes any sense)
11. I still eat children cereal like cinnamon tast crunch and fruity pebbles
12. I get my m's and n's messed up when I talk
13. I know a lot of "complicating words
14. Some people say I make them feel dumb when I talk because of the "complicating" words
15. I dnt understand txt tlk (it took me a while to find out what SMH meant)
16. When I text I spell out every word
17. I absotively posilutely dislike birds (they scare the begeezes out of me)
18. I am terrified of bridges but we drive to New York almost every year and we have to cross that dang bridge
19. I would rather go play laser tag, go cart, ride an atv, rock climb, watch movies, go to a jazz show, go to a comedy show than go to the club
20. I want to be a pediatrician because I love children and I want to make a difference in pediatric medicine
21. My pet peeve is bad grammar (ugh like when people use there when they are supposed to use their or when they say oh I'm doing good" OMG it is WELL people. You are doing well!!!
22. I tend to say "oh my gosh" a lot
23. I have two tattoos (tiger paws going up my side and my nickname my brother calls me "Kay")
24. I want more tattoos (a tiger on my thigh, "beauty is skin deep" in japanese, a shattered heart on my ring finger, and more but I have to find more that have meaning for me)
25. I don't like when people get tattoos that don't have a meaning
26. I love to dress up in costumes for some reason
27. I like to wear heels
28. I eat waaayyy too much but I am still really small
29. All the food I eat goes to my butt
30. My mom is Puerto Rican and Cherokee (Native American tribe) but she never taught me fluent spanish
31. I can do some special tricks
32. I do not have any talent whatsoever
33. Sports come natural to me
34. I love the sport of volleyball but I am too short to play the position I want to
35. I can do a good Louis Griffin impersonation from family guy
36. I still watch nickelodeon and the disney channel
37. I noticed that the disney channel only shows disney channel commercials
38. I notice stupid things
39. Secretly I need anger management but only my room knows that
40. People say I look mean when they first meet me
41. I LOVE to shop
42. I am the definition of clumsy (I accidently busted my ex's lip during foreplay oops)
43. I trip up the stairs a lot
44. I like to listen to people talk with accents but I do not like country accents for some reason
45. I only have family members in phone's contact list
46. I do not have any other social network except for this
47. People look at me like I'm an alien when I tell them that ^
48. My favorite quote from a book is "when God said let there be light, I said say please" by Jerico Barrons from the Fever series by Karen Moning
49. I actually like to read
50. People calle me a nerd because I like to read
51. I would love to travel and go on road trips but I don't know anyone to go with me
52. I think smiley faces and emoticons are cute
53. I laugh at commercials
54. I like to play pranks/jokes on people
55. When I am with my brother we act crazy in stores (like we will dance in the store or we pretend to have British accents)
56. I think I'm the only person in the world that gets butt cramps
57. I like to paint my nails
58. My favorite cartoon character is Tigger (T-I-double G-ER!!!) and yes he is a tiger
59. Even though I am a lesbian, I would go straight if I came across Barrons (I would probably settle for one of his crew) or a Carpathian
60. I wish I could do magic
61. I wish that the worlds in my books were true
62. I told my parents never to get me a puppy, I want my partner to get me one as a gift
63. I don't know how to put on makeup so I do the natural thing
64. It weirds me out when people kiss their kids in the mouth
65. I always wanted to dance, run, and sit it the rain but everyone is afraid of getting their hair wet (haven't you heard of a flat iron people??)
66. People think my hair is a weave
67. I think it's funny when two people are walking towards eachother and they go the same way (it cracks me up every time)
68. When I'm in class and my mind is wondering, I think of the past and when I think of funny stuff I will laugh out loud
69.<---- I have never tried that YET
70. I love the smell of the pool
71. I learned how to swim 2 years ago and I very good at it
72. I want to have twins but I am afraid to give birth
73. I think my family is the funniest people (I asked my dad could he get me just dance 3 and he said "What makes you think I have seen just dance 1") lol he is so corny
74. I get made fun of because i say cornball
75. I also get made fun of because if I do things correctly in a row I say "I'm on a roll, someone give me some butter"
76. I like my height
78. There are some middle schoolers taller than me
79. People always think my ID is fake
80. I sound like a little girl
81. I cannot stand wearing pants in the bed
82. I have to have it cold in my room before I go to sleep
83. I have to sleep with covers on
84. I think there is some good in everyone until they prove me wrong
85. I have a specific shower routine and if I don't do it I will feel uneven
86. I really really like hugs and cuddling
87. I have a terrible memory (did I mention I hate birds yet??)
88. Bring me some sweet pineapples and I will love you forever
89. Sometimes I quote movies
90. I can be dramatic at times (i turned 90 just doing this list)
91. I am super sarcastic
92. I find dark jokes kind of funny (like when we're at a funeral someone comes in and says who died). I won't laugh out loud but I will laugh in my head so I don't offend anyone
93. I have a terrible conscience. Like when people lost something or had something stolen I feel like I was the one who stole it.
94. I have never been in a fight and I would like to keep it that way since I am secretly afraid of physical violence
95. When people get to know me they say I am too nice (I never knew there was such a thing)
96. I strongly DISLIKE being the messenger between two people
97. Whew I cannot believe I am almost done!!!
98. I love to wear pretty underwear even though I know nobody will see them
99. I like to compare my height with taller people
100. I love my family and I wouldn't change them for the world!!!
Thank you for reading!!
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2 Responses Nov 12, 2011

Wow...that's a lot of stuff!! haha...but I'm glad you shared this. So now I think we've got a pretty good idea of what you're about. :-)

Good job!!! I loved your list. I should have added clumsy to my list as well because I so am!! Thanks for sharing... want to go for 200? lol

Thanks!! Oh gee I think 200 will be a challenge but I love a good challenge!!

200 would be hard, but if you do it, I will too!! lol!!