100 Things Is A Lot

I will try to share 100 things.  This might be a story that has to be built on over time.

Let's see, these are not in any kind of order.

1) I'm a geologist.
2) I love the planet and everything about its structure.
3) I have always loved walking since early childhood.
4) When I was a child, I would sneak out of the house to go for a walk in the middle of the night.
5) I love the stars.
6) I was a very good student in school.
7) My mother died when I was very young.
8) I learned how to cook from my caregiver/housekeeper.
9) My father ripped my butt apart (with a belt) when I came from one weekend from college.  I had done something that wasn't honorable (young and dumb) and it got back to him.  No comment on what stupid thing I did.  I paid for it with my butt being on fire.
10) I have been known to go for walks that last hours.
11) I have been married.
12) I have been divorced.
13) I love to ballroom dance with my sweetie.
14) I met my sweetie, the love of my life, at a gourmet grocery store.
15) After telling our family, the first people we broke the news to about our engagement were our EP friends.
16) Our EP friends helped us plan our wedding.
17) Some of our EP friends attended our wedding.
18) Our wedding reception started in 2011 and ended in 2012. It was a great party!
19) My EP friends helped me through the death of my father earlier this month. (THANK YOU!)
20) I have been to Alaska.
21) I love to cook for others.
22) I had a cat that adopted me.  He was my best buddy after I had gotten my divorce.  He almost got himself barbequed on my grill trying to steal a pork chop.  I shared my dinner with him and he called me his.
23) I love to bake and can make all kinds of sweets.
24) I love babies.
25) I love to swim.
26) I jumped off a cliff with my sweetie.  It was a crazy thing to do.  We survived.  We won't be doing that again.
27) I played the piano as a child.
28) I grow herbs like basil, cilantro, chives, rosemary, parsley, mint and some vegetables.
29) I love to discover new vegetarian recipes for my wife.
30) I am well-endowed.
31) I'm not into wife swapping.
32) I don't have dirty pictures to send to anyone and if I did I wouldn't send them.
33) I absolutely love my wife with all my heart and soul.
34) I would die for her.
35) I am over the age of 50 and I have hot sex on a regular basis with my wife. (I am grateful).
36) We decorate our house for major holidays (Easter, Christmas etc.). Including Chinese New Year.  The place was loaded with red envelopes and dragons.
37) I love to read.
38) I love classic music.
39) I love classic rock.
40) I play a pretty mean "air guitar."
41) I've got skills (step aside Gene Simmons).
42) I am a gun owner.
43) I will kill anyone who tries to harm my wife.
44) I've got interesting in-laws.
45) I have been tricked into having a manicure and pedicure.
46) My best buddy got tricked along with me.
47) I love to travel.
48) I am very tall.
49) I think NASCAR is silly but I enjoy watching the cars crash.  I feel bad when they do but then happy when I know the driver is ok.
50) I love hockey and go to games with my wife or my best buddy.
51) I like architecture.
52) I like trains.
53) I enjoy taking road trips with my sweetie.
54) I love "sharing" pjs with her when we go on trips. She gets the top and I wear the bottom.
55) I make an excellent martini.
56) I serve wine with dinner.
57) I believe in God.
58) I pray daily.
59) I have read the Bible cover to cover more than once.
60) I try to be a positive person.
61) I don't notice the color of a person's skin until they mention it and then I'm perplexed on why it makes a difference.  People are people.
62) My best buddy and my wife are black.
63) I have designed jewelry for my wife and my sisters-in-law.
64) I see a psychiatrist every day.  I’m married to her.  She helps me to be a better person.
65) Depending on our schedule, I take showers with my sweetie every morning.
66) I have every card, note and letter my sweetie has ever given or sent to me.
67) I love winter and snow.
68) I am an early riser.
69) I like all of C.S. Lewis’ books.
70) I love putting the wreaths on the double doors on the front of our house.  To me it symbolizes that all of the decorating inside the house is complete.
71) I love sleeping with lots of pillows.
72) I enjoy silence.
73) I hate it when women swear.
74) I like it when women are confident, not arrogant.
75) I don’t like humor at the expense of others.
76) I’m a good friend.  You can call me at any time day or night and I will listen to you.
77) I enjoy making breakfast for my sweetie on Sundays.  It was a tradition I started years ago while we were dating.
78) I enjoy curling up with my sweetie and reading the paper or a book together.
79) I am one of the few men that enjoys shopping.
80) I look a lot younger than I am.
81) I love chocolate and got busted by my wife for hiding it under the bed.
82) I do the majority of the cooking in the house because I love to cook.
83) I love oversized bath towels, called bath sheets.
84) I sleep with my wife and two cats.
85) I don't require a lot of sleep.  I sleep about 5 to 6 hours a night and feel well-rested.
86) I love forests, trees and nature.
87) I love Chicago.  It is a great city.
88) I have a master's degree.
89) I have a doctorate degree.
90) I have been to Hawaii.
91) I have traveled to Europe.
92) I don't wear clothes that make me look like a bum. I always dress nice even when casually dressed.
93) I love to dress up and wear a tux.
94) My clothes closet is very organized.
95) I love flower boxes and plant flowers in them every year.
96) I love to look at our wedding pictures.
97) I love cheese and it is hard for me to pick my favorite.
98) I love my very smart, extremely beautiful wife.
99) Just in case you weren't aware I'll tell you, I really love my wife.
100) Did I mention that I love my wife? I do.
101) I'm thrilled to soon be the father of twins.

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3 Responses Jan 28, 2012

That is a really cool list.

Thank you.

You Rock!! uh-huh uh-huh =))

Thank you LadyRyan. It isn't easy to complete a list of 100.

100 things is a lot. It took me almost a month to come up with a list when I did my story for this group.<br />
<br />
I'm going to agree with you about always dressing nice. Casual doesn't mean that it's acceptable to be in public in clothes that are clearly intended to be slept in, or in things that are wrinkled or ill-fitting.